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2017 was a great year for QPR ProcessAnalyzer. It is now time to look forward to the first release for the process mining year 2018. To kick-off a great year of upcoming releases, we are proud to showcase QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2018.1. The latest release brings forward a number of new features to improve process mining performance.
Process mining is an emerging technology that has proven to be very useful for enhancing incident management process. In this blog, I share some of our customers experiences from the past few years.
2017 was a great year for QPR ProcessAnalyzer as the software had a total overhaul during the year. The front-end of QPR ProcessAnalyzer was revamped with the introduction of QPR UI and the subsequent developments brought significant performance improvements to the back-end of the product.
Scaling up business by traditional methods requires a lot of resources and even then, the highly important deviations and unwanted behaviors might not be found. You should use process mining to harness the unused transactional data to automatically visualize the business processes! Data has the answer but yet it hasn’t been asked.
Process mining makes it possible to efficiently identify and share best practices in marketing and sales processes. Leading your marketing and sales should not be just art and gut feeling, process mining is a fact-based analytic data-driven method to show you exactly what works and why.
QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2017.8 represents the latest in Process Mining excellence, bringing you unparalleled performance and analysis methods. This release features many other great improvements and fixes that are sure to improve your process mining experience.