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Process mining enabled with QPR ProcessAnalyzer can improve the patient journey to adhere to the quality of care principle by enabling you to see your process as it happens in the information systems.
Through process mining, it’s possible to know exactly how your procurement system is used. When you can pinpoint the development areas in your process, you are able to focus your improvement effort where it will produce the most value.
I have played around with a hypothesis that, even a less complex software, can’t be successfully delivered as a mere license or a license and an installation. It looks like when you buy a license, or a license with an installation, you start to follow the wake of a ship sailing astray.
Welcome to the process mining journey where real data drives process improvements! Process mining is becoming widely adopted by the most competitive manufacturing industries and the methodology is now ready for all manufacturing companies to support their business and gain concrete benefits.
Digitalization enables the creation of digital enterprise nervous systems and thus, digitalization of business management itself. A digital enterprise nervous system consists of means for extraction and delivery of sensory information from operating environment and business operations to the units responsible for decision making, actions, and coordination.
The beauty of QPR ProcessAnalyzer is that its unique influence analysis allows us to identify root causes for the process performance and efficiency of each KPI, adding a dimension of data-driven facts to the meaning of a KPI so that it is no longer only a bare value to be followed. With root causes that explain process observations, planning corrective actions and measures for improvement becomes super easy and can be effectively implemented.