Latest product updates: New process flowchart, QPR TaskRecorder, and support for data lakes

The latest product updates in QPR ProcessAnalyzer include:

  • Renewal of the flowchart visualization
  • Launch of the brand new QPR TaskRecorder 
  • Several outstanding performance improvements
  • Unified workspace and Application Catalog
  • A support function for data lakes: Snowflake, RedShift, and Databricks

New Process Flowchart 

In Process Mining, the single most crucial asset is the flowchart.

The flowchart connects your organization’s functions (business lines, IT, shared services, architects, and process improvement people) and ensures everyone is on the same page – by presenting how the processes are executed in reality.

  • With the new updates, the flowchart is the most flexible and comprehensive process mining flowchart in the market
  • You now can configure KPIs through the KPI wizard, an application where you can set any KPIs from pre-built selections - without the need to code
  • The new flowchart component has all the same customization possibilities as any other charts in QPR ProcessAnalyzer
  • Variation-based insights and unique event type filtering

Below, you'll see a few examples of the QPR Flowchart being used to drive different use cases (such as analyzing bottlenecks, identifying rework, or revealing automation).

Screenshot of three flowcharts


Screenshot of a process flowchart with rework analysis


QPR TaskRecorder

In the latest release, we've introduced a new task recording functionality, QPR TaskRecorder, which enables you to discover processes on the most granular task level. With QPR TaskRecorder, you can harness the full power of process mining together with any RPA, automation, low-code, or workflow -platform.

QPR deploys task mining as a new capability to QPR ProcessAnalyzer, which will be offered later in 2022 as a standard product capability.

QPR TaskRecorder records user transactions in the chosen applications, allows users to add annotations, and finally feeds the information to the QPR ProcessAnalyzer core. QPR Task recorder enables you to identify the gaps between process steps and discover processes with no existing log data. 

  • Option to choose the recorded applications
  • 100% of the selected tasks are captured
    • Except for sensitive fields, e.g. passwords
  • Easy toggling on/off
  • Add annotations and custom comments to the recording feed
  • CSV output file which can be uploaded to QPR ProcessAnalyzer

A screenshot of the connection between QPR TaskRecorder and QPR ProcessAnalyzer

Screenshot of task mining product QPR taskrecorder






Unified Workspace and Application Catalog

QPR ProcessAnalyzer’s workspace now has all process mining objects, e.g., dashboards, process models, data tables, scripts, and integrations in one unified workspace view.

It gives you an even better user experience as you can easily discover new process insights and manage your process mining project.

The new Application Catalog in a nutshell:

  • Connections to all major system providers
    • Including SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, Workday, Epicor, and ServiceNow
  • Processes discovered
    • Ready applications for: PtP, AR, AP, OtC, and Plant Operations
    • More specific applications such as: Talent Acquisition, Loan Application, Claim Processing, and Incident Management
  • Features for all key process mining use cases, such as:
    • Intelligent Automation, Process Improvement, Digital Transformation, Compliance, Auditing, Process Monitoring and Conformity, and Process Orchestration
  • Latest highlight: Process Orchestration that leverages intelligent automation products with ML predictions



Performance improvements

The higher the data volumes across industries, the more demanding requirements for the performance of analytics tools.

Recognizing this urgent need from customers, QPR has invested in performance improvements on many fronts. Our process mining tool now offers even more simplified process models (= fewer data to be calculated), caching and pre-calculation for common queries, and optimized calculation formulates on QPR Expression language. 

These improvements raise the overall performance of QPR ProcessAnalyzer by approximately 50 %. In some specific use cases, the software performance has improved by up to 800 %, which frees up more time for the actual analysis and learning from the process insights.


Support of operating on data lakes Snowflake, RedShift, Databricks

As many organizations have been investing in data lakes and data clouds (Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, or Databricks, to name a few), QPR experts have developed a new function to support this.

You can now directly use any data from your data lakes with QPR ProcessAnalyzer. As you no longer need to replicate data from your operational systems to QPR ProcessAnalyzer, you can leverage the existing data, comply with single data policies, and reduce your IT costs.

  • With the snowflake connection, you can instantly scale your calculation resources
  • Up to 256 times the performance as compared to a single node system
  • Calculation power of up to 1 billion events as tested by QPR
  • Usage-based IT costs enabled by automatic hibernation while the system is not in use

Numerous further usability improvements

QPR experts have also given QPR ProcessAnalyzer a large number of minor improvements on content and usability.

We're excited to introduce to you: new analysis presets, in-memory scripting, refreshed web user management, images on dashboards, user-specific time format, new data import wizard with data types, and the list goes on... These best-in-class features will surely give you a pleasant user experience and better workflows in your process mining projects. 


See these updates in action in this webinar!

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Olli Komulainen

Olli Komulainen has been doing process mining for the past 4 years participating +50 customer projects in Healthcare, Telecom, Professional Services, Automotive, Logistics, Chemical and FMCG industries. Today, he is responsible for QPR Process Mining marketing and QPR ProcessAnalyzer business development.

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