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IT & ERP Development

Reduce complexity with Process Mining

IT and ERP migrations, implementations, and deployments are demanding and laborious projects, yet necessary for today’s agile businesses. Find out how process mining decreases the complexity of these vital tasks .

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Get end-to-end visibility to your processes to ensure smooth system implementations and migrations.


Reduce IT and ERP maintenance, development, and support costs.


Prove the value of automation or system changes easily – your case can be supported by the click of a button.


Predict and prevent process failures with intelligent ML-functionalities and monitor the right KPIs continuously.

Gain a deep understanding of how business is using your IT systems

The ERP system often resembles a black box. Process mining gives you insight into this black box through automatic and interactive process visualizations, which provide a holistic image of your processes and systems, while also highlighting rework, bottlenecks, and variations.

Understand how your IT systems work

You often know there’s a lot happening in your IT systems, but you might not know what actually happens or how the system works. QPR ProcessAnalyzer visualizes the process flow of your IT systems which allows you to understand what happens, so you can develop the systems further.

Discover data discrepancies in your IT systems

Investigate and highlight how aligned your IT systems are with each other and how they are used across the business.

Identify areas for improvement

Pinpoint process variations, violations, and inefficiencies in order to know how to re-structure processes and find out where end-user training is required.

Prove the value of system changes easily 

Whether you want to prove the need for a change in an ERP system, show that there are problems in the master data, or implement new automation intitiatives, your case can be supported by the click of a button. 

Combine data from multiple systems in one place

Gain transparency you’ve never had before by combining data from multiple IT systems. QPR ProcessAnalyzer automatically loads data from multiple systems, combines it, and presents it ti you in an easy-to-read format.

Data Quality Application

Use ready-made process mining applications to identify quality issues in your master data, such as incorrectly filled data fields.

Use system alerts

Get informed when data loads are completed, critical system errors occur, or any changes appear in various KPI reports, among other things.

What our customers say about working with us

At QPR Software, we are committed to delivering measurable results to our customers. We believe in long-term success – together, which is why we are invested in building long-term relationships with our customers.


"We now embed process mining in real-time, identify bottlenecks instantly, and take actions much earlier."

Stewart Wallace, Risk Analytics Manager


“With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, we were able to analyze the process in 2-3 hours, compared to three weeks in the past.”

Christof De Groote, Service Manager
KBC Group


"Decisions are made much easier when data is presented in a visual way - we can get to the right questions sooner."

Jonathan McCoy, IT Director


"We cut the duration of our loan application process from 35 minutes to 5 minutes on average."

Lambros Bessas, Senior Manager
Piraeus Bank


“We could immediately focus our improvement activities to the right things to reach the results our business needed.”

Matti Ketonen, VP Supply Chain

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