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April 21, 2017

Should process mining be in your BPM roadmap?

Are you wondering what is this process mining you have been hearing and how should it affect your company’s way of looking at processes and performance? We have gathered 5 pointers for you to check whether the days for process mining are here for your organization as well.

Writer: Marja Rajamäki

Tags: Process Mining

April 13, 2017

Microsoft Dynamics AX - Reducing lead time with process mining

The flip side is many Microsoft Dynamics AX customers have poor visibility to the actual end-to-end processes and to all possible variations taking place in their operations. At the same time, customer needs are increasing and you must be able to deliver more added-value with less resources in the future. You do have data but really no intelligence over it or you have some BI or KPIs but not the actual root-causes for them. Therefore, your end-to-end process visibility is really limited.

Writer: Olli Komulainen

Tags: Process Mining, QPR ProcessAnalyzer blogs

April 5, 2017

Game changing solution to process excellence from QPR

With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, Customer was able to revamp their Systems Support processes with cost-saving decisions that streamlined operations and helped create a centralized spare parts dispatch center. Today, issue resolution is faster and customer satisfaction higher.

Writer: QPR Customer Case

Tags: QPR ProcessAnalyzer

March 17, 2017

Business Process Manager, should your organization take up process mining?

A process mining tool visualizes what kind of process flows take place in your organizations and how different teams and units are performing. This empowers professionals who are responsible for optimizing and improving operational performance with the means to find the best practices in use. Business Process Managers can then focus more on analyzing results and finding improvement points.

Writer: Marja Rajamäki

Tags: Process Mining, QPR ProcessAnalyzer blogs