The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Process Mining Software

Have you heard about process mining, but are still unsure about how it works and why you should use it in your organization? In this blog post, you’ll find answers to the most common questions that we get from companies considering if, and how, they could use process mining to gain insights into their operations and business processes.

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How Process Mining Enables Successful Digital Transformation - Top Trends for 2021

Although digital transformation is mentioned in just about every corporate playbook, many organizations are still failing to achieve the desirable outcomes with their digital transformation initiatives.

The fact is that merely offering digital services to customers or internal stakeholders is not enough in itself anymore - unless the digital processes are working seamlessly. According to Gartner, “digitalization is a top priority, but efforts are stalling”, and in 2020 “only 40% of organizations have brought digital initiatives to scale”.

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10 Benefits of Using Process Mining for Incident Management

Process mining has been proven to be very useful for enhancing the incident management process. In this blog, I'll share 10 benefits of process mining based on our experience of working with customers in the past few years.

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Digital Twin of an Organization

Are you considering creating a Digital Twin of an Organization to transform your company into a digital organization? Learn the what, why, and how in this blog post!

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Maverick Buying with Process Mining

The world of business revolves around a very simple idea – we provide products and services in exchange for monetary compensation from our current and future customers. In our pursuit to keep our customers happy and increase the revenue, we must make sure that we have all the right materials in the right quantities at the right time - every time - to ensure that our supply chain works frictionlessly. Typically, to ensure stability of the supply chain and decrease material costs, companies establish partnerships with reliable suppliers through contract agreements.

However, from time to time, situations arise where people cut corners and make purchases outside of the formal process - this is known as Maverick Buying. The Finance department may receive an invoice with no PO attached to it, which prompts the following questions: Where did this come from? Who are these people that sent us this invoice? Where do I begin looking into this?

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QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.8 - Find Bottlenecks with Process Queue Analysis

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.8 enhances your process mining experience with many cool features such as Process Queue Analysis to find Bottlenecks, Web Links for starting Business Actions, Flowchart Reset for quick zooming, Duration and Weighted Root Cause Analyses, User Management Web UI.

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Process Mining for Service Management

Service Management refers to the activity of building and maintaining customer relationships by making information technology accessible to the customer base. Due to the high volume of daily service requests, hidden process variations, and unidentified bottlenecks, Service Management becomes an excellent target for process mining.

In this article, you'll learn the benefits of applying process mining to your Service Management processes and 3 practical ways to optimize them by using process mining.

See the recording of our webinar in this topic, and download the presentation slides here!


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QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.7 with Multi-Model Dashboards

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.7 enhances your process mining experience with many cool features such as Multi-Model Dashboards, On/Off Filter Rules, Enhanced Pivot Tables, Visual KPI Cards, Color Mappings for Series and Dimensions and New Statistical Expressions.

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