Digital Transformation

Create the best version of your organization

Process mining helps you create the best version of your company – based on facts, not guesses. Gain continuous, fact-based, and immediate visibility into all parts of your processes, so you know what to transform.

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Get end-to-end visibility to your processes and see how they contribute to concrete business outcomes.


Prove the value of automation or system changes easily – your case can be supported by the click of a button.


Predict and prevent process failures with intelligent ML-functionalities and monitor the right KPIs continuously.


Get access to the right information during the most complex transformations, such as ERP migrations and M&As.

Gain continuous, fact-based, and immediate visibility into all parts of your processes

Core objectives of digital transformation include reducing the amount of manual work, having faster processes, and working in smarter ways. Business processes are key sources of information for understanding how businesses operate, as well as great areas for cost reduction and increased efficiency.

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Visualize a digital twin of your organization

With process mining, you get interactive visualizations of your processes in flowcharts together with past, present, and future KPIs. 

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Identify root causes for bad data

Gain transparency on your ERP systems and highlight underlying issues in the data, such as incorrect dates or missing data inputs. 

Streamline your workflow and improve business agility

See and understand where your bottlenecks are, benchmark which parts of the process can be automated, and learn which best practices can be more adopted across your organization.

Monitor the status and progress of your digital transformation initiatives

Although you strive to plan your digital transformation roadmap according to agreed policies and requirements, the execution of things rarely goes according to plan. The ERP system often resembles a black box, process variations cause automation bots to fail, and it’s hard to find the reasons for rework and other bottlenecks.

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Plan, execute, and monitor easily

Process mining helps you monitor the ongoing conformance of processes and automation, plan and execute complex ERP migrations, and get immediate notifications about process problems.

Get process conformance insights

Use built-in conformance analysis tools to gain visibility on how your real-life processes (as-is) compare against the designed process (to-be) and which issues need to be tackled first through e.g. re-training.

Use process mining alerts and notifications

Be informed when process violations and/or KPI failures occur through an automatic notification system. This allows you to instantly identify the sources of violations and analyze the reasons behind them.

What customers say about QPR ProcessAnalyzer

We are committed to delivering measurable results to our customers. Here are some of the results we've helped our customers achieve.

"We now embed process mining in real-time, identify bottlenecks instantly, and take action much earlier."

Stewart Wallace, Risk Analytics Director

"We immediately saw the bottlenecks of the process. We cut the average duration of our loan application process by 86 %"

Lambros Bessas, Senior Manager
Piraeus Bank

“With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, we were able to analyze the process in 2-3 hours, compared to 3 weeks in the past.”

Christof De Groote, Service Manager
KBC Group

"Process mining was used to identify better sales models that lead to significant growth in sales volume."

Jonathan McCoy, IT Director

“We could immediately focus our improvement activities to the right things to reach the results our business needed.”

Matti Ketonen, VP Supply Chain

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