Why process mining matters

Overcome complexity with confidence

Enterprises are stretched thin, and complex business processes that resemble black boxes are the last thing you need when you're trying to find areas for cost savings, migrate to new systems, or ensure successful automation. Don't let unclear and complex processes stand in your way.

Transform your operations: efficient processes await

By extracting data from the systems that you use every day like ERP and CRM, QPR ProcessaAnalyzer provides you with a comprehensive visualization of your processes, uncovers inefficiencies, and pinpoints the most impactful areas for improvement.

See your processes clearly, identify inefficiencies, and drive results with ease

Bid farewell to bottlenecks, costly errors, and non-compliance. Welcome processes that embrace efficiency, drive digital transformation, and unleash high-performance teams.

The future of process mining is here

QPR ProcessAnalyzer is the premier enterprise solution for your intelligent decision-making needs, offering unmatched performance, scalability, and security.  

The unique process mining platform:

Delivers an unparalleled overview of your business, including relevant insights, bottlenecks, and hidden values, allowing you to make effective, data-driven decisions.
Serves the entire enterprise: no need to upgrade each time you want to analyze another process
Uses cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning
Operates flexibly, dynamically, and transparently
Has a unique 1-click automated root cause analysis
Complies with stringent regulatory and security requirements
Is remarkably easy to set up and use – our clients are set up in weeks instead of months

For enterprises with complex business processes


As your business grows, so does its complexity. To exceed the intricate needs of even the largest of enterprises, QPR partnered up with Snowflake to revolutionize the process mining market.

Processes billions of complex data sets at an unprecedented speed
No need to copy your data – a single source of truth for all your data
Modern data governance and exceptional data security
The ability to share data across organizations

Use QPR ProcessAnalyzer for:

Financial Shared Services

SAP Migration

Intelligent Automation



Process KPI Reporting

Order Handling

Digital Transformation

IT & ERP Development


Service Management


Business Case Calculator

Quantify the Value of Process Mining for Your Business

Unlock your organization's process mining potential with the Business Case Calculator—an unparalleled tool designed to reveal the true value of process mining for your business. Take the first step towards optimizing your processes by harnessing the power of our calculator to quickly and effortlessly quantify the benefits for your organization.

Try Our Business Case Calculator

Key capabilities of QPR ProcessAnalyzer

Interactive process visualizations

Discover the unbiased reality of your processes with the automatically generated interactive flowchart. Discover all parts of the process, drill down to the details in different units or areas, or view trends on a high level. 

Bottlenecks, rework, and variations

The process discovery highlights all process bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and variations based on how significantly they contribute to business outcomes pinpointing the biggest areas for cost savings and efficiency increase.  

Unique automated Root Cause analysis

Find the cause of your problems and spot the most important improvement areas in any process with the comprehensive and unique 1-click Root Cause analysis. 

Remarkably simple: 100+ pre-built analyses

Drag and drop the charts and graphs that you need for your business case and easily create solution-specific analyses and dashboards without writing any code. Gain immediate insights about your operations from a library of 100+ pre-built analyses and applications for various use cases. 

Seamless integration to source systems

The QPR Connectors enable you to utilize data that's spread across disconnected systems and applications. Easily connect to all your data sources and integrate data seamlessly.  

Cutting-edge AI- and ML- technology

Optimize your operations through AI- and ML-based features that enable you to predict KPI performance and automatically initiate corrective actions. 

Task Recorder

Discover processes on the most granular task level. Harness the full power of process mining together with any RPA, automation, low-code, or workflow -platforms.  

Business alerts and notifications

Business alerts and notifications provide immediate alerts about KPI breaches or broken business rules.

Automation Opportunity Scout

See the top automation opportunities in priority order, benchmark automation rates across your organization, and simulate the impact of automation. 

We ensure the best experience for enterprises

Multi-process and enterprise-wide

QPR ProcessAnalyzer works with data from multiple business processes. We want to empower organizations to use process mining in multiple processes, without being faced with sudden and substantial cost increases when moving on to the next process. Therefore, unlike other vendors, we charge per license instead of per process, enabling truly enterprise-wide use of process mining.

Certifiably secure process mining operations

Ensure secure process mining operations by ISO27001 certification, encryption, and SSO features. 

Runs natively on Snowflake Data Cloud

Billions of rows of data analyzed in seconds. QPR ProcessAnalyzer is the first and only process mining solution to run natively on the Snowflake data cloud processing huge amounts of business-critical data in a fast, secure, and cost-efficient way.   

Global network of partners

Do you prefer working with someone in your region? We have a global network of process mining partners.

Online training platform

QPR ProcessAnalyzer users get access to an online training platform, which includes a comprehensive set of process mining courses and certifications that help you get the most out of process mining.  


The business leader's guide to process mining

In this guide, we provide an introduction to process mining, the market outlook for 2023 and beyond, and explain how it can be used to benefit enterprise companies - especially during tough times.

Seamless connection to your data sources

QPR ProcessAnalyzer connects to your data sources and integrates data seamlessly with the wide range of connectors.

Enjoy automatic business process visualizations and advanced analytics based on data from the systems that you already use.

New connectors are continuously being developed. 

See the results for yourself


KBC Insurance speeds up customer request processing by 100%

KBC Insurance improves service quality, process efficiency, and SLA compliance with QRP ProcessAnalyzer.

"We were able to analyze the process in two or three hours, compared to three weeks in the past."


Metsä Group eliminates uncertainties through continuous improvement 

"The process insight and facts delivered by QPR ProcessAnalyzer were priceless. We were immediately able to focus our process improvement activities on the right things to achieve the results our business needed. Not wasting time on trial and error.”


KBC Bank increases sales, maximizes efficiency, and reduces risks

QPR ProcessAnalyzer helps KBC Bank to identify bottlenecks, manage risks, and discover opportunities for increased automation.

"Process mining is the technology that helps us make data powerful.”


Piraeus Bank cuts lead times by 86% through unprecedented process  transparency

Piraeus Bank locates process bottlenecks and increases efficiency.

"We gave the data to QPR ProcessAnalyzer, and right away, in 5 minutes, we saw the bottlenecks of the process."

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Why customers prefer QPR ProcessAnalyzer

Customers prefer QPR ProcessAnalyzer over other vendors in terms of integrations, process analysis, execution management, and more. QPR ProcessAnalyzer uses the most cutting-edge technologies to deliver value to enterprises globally.

Easy to set up and use

Our customers highlight the remarkably easy set up and use.

Fulfils customer needs and supports customers the best

The quality of support and ease of admin of QPR ProcessAnalyzer is highly appreciated.

Is a better partner in business

Our customers are our biggest priority. We take pride in the fact that they love working with QPR as a business partner.

Future-proof product direction

For feature updates and roadmaps, our customers strongly believe in the direction of QPR ProcessAnalyzer.

Superior process analysis, execution management, and process mapping 

QPR ProcessAnalyzer is the cutting-edge enterprise solution for intelligent decision-making needs – also according to our customers. 

Reviews from real customers:


Real-time process analysis




QPR as a partner


Process mapping


Execution Management


Product direction


Ease of use


Meets requirements

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