Enterprise Architecture

Meet your strategy with business-IT alignment

QPR’s strategy-driven approach to enterprise architecture creates a link between strategy and your everyday operations. Our tools and methods optimize business processes and IT systems and align them with business models and strategy, which allows you to achieve your objectives and deliver maximum value.

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Bridge the gap between strategy and execution by aligning business and IT

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Plan new ways of working, whether it’s for a new business model or digital transformation

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Achieve organizational agility and operational excellence in the face of change

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Succeed in both one-off transformation projects and continuous improvement

Enterprise architecture with QPR

The purpose of Enterprise Architecture is to ensure that organizations have the necessary capabilities to operate in the way called for by business models and strategy. A sound enterprise architecture brings about operational improvements by analyzing how strategy, business models, processes, information, applications and technology support each other and work together as a whole. At QPR, it’s our signature way of helping our clients be their best. 

Visualizing increases understanding and efficiency

Enterprise architecture creates transparency by visualizing how your organization works from top to bottom. Organizations where employees share the same understanding and vision work more efficiently and effectively.

Small changes make a big difference

In the same way that small pieces make up a big puzzle, we break strategy into manageable pieces that together achieve targeted business outcomes. Organizational value can be maximized by ensuring that each asset and activity contributes to the goal.

Organizational agility for long-lasting success

How well you adapt to change is called organizational agility. Enterprise Architecture increases agility by providing the insight and the capabilities to design tightly knit organizations where business and IT are aligned with strategy.

Look across functions to find synergies

Enterprise Architecture takes a holistic cross-function view on an organization to find synergies. It calls for streamlining, helps to make educated investment decisions, and allows to assess change impact on the organization as a whole.

Software for your support

Our software is developed based on real customer cases and needs. They increase transparency in planning, promote communication and understanding, and provide analysis and monitoring capabilities. In enterprise architecture, we offer the following software.

QPR EnterpriseArchitect

Design, analyze, and optimize. Our ArchiMate® 3 certified tool comes with ready-made templates to support the TOGAF Framework, UML and BPMN modeling, and other industry best practices. Intuitive and easy to use, this tool is suitable for both business and IT users.

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QPR BusinessPortal

Our new tool for communicating processes and architectural plans to all stakeholders. Translates ArchiMate’s cryptic symbols to business-friendly content by providing a new way of looking at your operations using modern and intuitive UX features. Perfect for executing transformation projects.

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QPR Metrics

QPR’s performance management tool for fast and accurate KPIs and dashboards. Add your measures, create your dashboards, or integrate measures with strategy and architecture models.

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