Customer Story: St1 Nordic

Business-driven operational development and post-merger integration

“QPR EnterpriseArchitect and the whole business architecture method helped us structure a completely new business model St1 Finance, and define competencies therein”

-Matti Eerola, Head of Architecture and Projects, St1 Nordic

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St1's digital platform

St1’s strong growth strategy after several M&A activities led to fragmented business with multiple strategies, processes, and systems during the last decade.

With the help of QPR consulting and QPR EnterpriseArchitect software, St1 managed to complete the integration of two businesses post-acquisition of Shell Norway in a record time of six months in 2015. The business technology platform was renewed, and the ongoing development with lean principles is driving St1 even further on its path towards digital transformation.

Process improvement

QPR EnterpriseArchitect has proved to be a highly useful tool for successful business transformation. With the help of the EA software the awareness of St1’s business models, processes and systems have increased.

The company’s new business models require a new digital business platform enabling deeper levels of automation into finance and payment processes. Processes have already improved on a large scale, and St1 is on its way from fragmented business to seamless processes.

Customer interview & presentation

How Enterprise Architecture Supports Digital Transformation at St1 (4,5 minutes)

Enterprise Architecture Driven Success in Business Transformation (47 minutes)

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