Operational Excellence

Tools, methods and capabilities that help you achieve operational excellence

Achieve Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence aims - as the name indicates – at developing and reinforcing management systems and processes of an organization to improve performance and as a result, create value to stakeholders. We at QPR have the tools, methods and capabilities to help your organization achieve operational excellence.

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QPR Arkkitehtuuripankki

QPR EnterpriseArchitect

When you need to plan for change, QPR EnterpriseArchitect is there for you to design, analyze, and optimize. Intuitive and easy to use, the tool is suitable for both business and IT users to collaborate in ensuring that your operations are in line with the strategy.

Strategy driven business-IT alignment

Whether you have a new business model or require digital transformation, QPR EnterpriseArchitect is the tool to design new services and ways of working. With us you make sure your processes, information flows, systems, and technology support your strategic objectives.

Certified and recognized by industry analysts

In 2019, the Open Group granted QPR EnterpriseArchitect the ArchiMate® 3 tool certification. The software is also recognized by industry analysts, such as Gartner and Forrester.

Ready-made templates, yet highly configurable

To make sure you’re off to a quick start, we provide ready-made templates and tool palettes to support TOGAF®, Zachman®, ArchiMate®, UML®, IDEF, BPMN™, and the Operational Development Model (ODM) – our own best-practice methodology. The templates and tool palettes are all customizable, thanks to our open metamodel.

User-friendly publishing and communication

When it’s time to roll out your architectural plans, QPR BusinessPortal automatically converts technical notation to business-friendly content, making it easy to execute transformation with enhanced communication.

Extend to process performance and process mining

Bring your architectural designs to life with performance measures for processes, application portfolios and technologies. Get the operational data and insight you need to drive and develop your operations.

QPR ProcessDesigner

Process management is essential for successfully running business operations, which is why QPR ProcessDesigner was specifically designed for the business user. Easy enough to use daily, it is the perfect tool for continuously improving your operations.

Feature-rich and multilingual

Our quick modeling mode is the fastest way to document a process with a few clicks. More sophisticated features include model comparison, and the analysis of interdependencies. Global organizations enjoy our multilingual modeling, which supports more than 20 languages.

Integrates with your document management system

Process models are not just pretty illustrations. By integrating QPR ProcessDesigner with your document management system, such as Microsoft SharePoint, you can attach documents and templates to tasks to provide further guidance.

Configurable to your needs

Customize the colors and tool palettes to fit your organization. QPR ProcessDesigner supports a wide range of methodologies, frameworks, and standards, such as ISO 9001, LEAN, Six Sigma, EFQM, SOX, Basel II, Solvency II, and APQC.

Decrypt process models for better communication

Publish process models on our web portal or export to Microsoft Office tools. We also offer QPR BusinessPortal, which decrypts process modeling notation to communicate operating guidelines in a business-friendly manner on a modern and visually appealing user interface.

Monitor process performance

Expand your horizons with our process mining tool, QPR ProcessAnalyzer, to see how your processes perform, identify process bottlenecks, and avoid rework.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer

With our patented process mining technology, gain insight into your processes with pinpoint accuracy, so you know exactly what to change to improve the way your business runs.

Discover the unbiased reality of your processes

Put an end to lengthy process workshops, interviews, and arguments. QPR ProcessAnalyzer empowers you to tackle your biggest challenges by visualizing the real-life execution of your processes together with other insights drawn from your IT systems.

Find hidden value in your business

Gain immediate insights into your business with a library of 100+ prebuilt analyses, such as automation opportunities and root causes. Use case specific analyses pinpoint and prioritize where you should improve.

Orchestrate and optimize operations with AI

Optimize operations through continuous monitoring, automatic activation of bots and workflows, and AI-based predictions for your KPIs.

Operate securely on a scalable cloud platform

For more than 20 years we have worked with large enterprises across industry borders to meet customer needs. We offer both on-premises and cloud solutions, and ensure security through ISO27001 certification, encryption, and SSO features.

QPR BusinessPortal

QPR BusinessPortal converts business processes, IT landscape designs and enterprise architecture models to visually appealing, structured content that is easy for all employees to access, navigate and understand.

The right content to the right audience the right way

To roll out the designs made by architects and process modelers, use QPR BusinessPortal to ensure that the precious content can be communicated and understood by a wider audience.

Achieve your goals by communicating about them

Three software editions of the QPR BusinessPortal ensure its suitability for different purposes. One is geared towards communicating process guidelines and enhancing quality. The other two are to understand how IT supports business, and to execute the strategy-led transformation.

Single source of truth

QPR BusinessPortal automatically converts technical notation to business-friendly content, so that your operations are always aligned with strategy and up to date.

Complement designs with performance measures

Add KPIs for measuring and monitoring process performance, quality, or strategic objectives with QPR Metrics.

QPR Metrics

QPR Metrics combines robust and incredibly flexible performance management functionality with a beautiful user interface. Stunning dashboards and scorecards with KPIs are also available in your pocket through the QPR BusinessPortal. Perfect for strategy execution and for driving performance.

Advanced functionality for all your performance management needs

QPR Metrics is the perfect solution for automating strategy execution, operational performance management, people performance management, risk management, and project portfolio management.

Fast to implement, easy to use and manage

QPR Metrics makes reporting fast, accurate and efficient. It is easy to create your own dashboards and to publish them on the web portal. We offer several options for automated performance reporting and data input using ready-made connectors.

Customizable to your needs

Design your own dashboards and add your company logo and colors. The solution is scalable to any organization, and able to support any relevant framework.

Proven technology for guaranteed results

Our growing 2,000+ customer base affirms QPR Metrics as one of the most powerful performance management software in the market. Our customers have won several prestigious awards, such as the Palladium Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame Award for Executing Strategy®.

Process performance monitoring

Process KPIs are available using QPR’s patented process mining technology, QPR ProcessAnalyzer. Process performance monitoring capabilities are a critical functionality often lacking in other comparable solutions.

QPR Arkkitehtuuripankki

QPR Arkkitehtuuripankki is a service tailored to public sector organizations in Finland. By using this service, your organization benefits from the joint use of templates and resources.


Contents of the service

We offer you tools to enterprise architecture modeling (QPR EnterpriseArchitect) and strategy execution and performance management (QPR Metrics) in one service package through QPR Cloud.  You can take use of QPR Portal, QPR ready made templates as well as QPR Customer Care services. The users can also benefit from QPR User Group discussion forum.

Service promotes public sector digitalization

The service is offered to public sector business developers, enterprise architects and persons responsible for performance management. The service permits publishing of organization-specific contents either to specific user groups, or to a public portal available to all.

Use QPR Arkkitehtuuripankki to

  • Conduct feasibility studies for business development
  • Model requirements and descriptions for competitive tendering
  • Follow legal requirements such as the Act on Information Management in Public Administration (906/2019)
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your operations

With Operational Excellence software,
you can:


Meet your strategy with business-IT alignment

QPR’s strategy-driven approach to Enterprise Architecture creates a link between your everyday operations and strategy. Our tools and methods optimize and align organizational structures, business processes, and IT systems to achieve strategic objectives and deliver maximum value.

Enjoy smooth-running operations

When business process management is done right, it makes process optimization a breeze and even improves competitiveness. QPR elevates your average business process management to goal-oriented process excellence, ensuring that the entire organization works together seamlessly. 

Clarify your service offering to productization

Service management is all about developing the customer experience. When you know who your customers are and what they need, you can start developing your service offering. That is the first step on your way to productization.

Make use of data you already have

Data management normally means collecting, keeping and using data in a secure, efficient and cost-effective way. We at QPR take a little bit of different point of view for managing data - we will tell you more later.

Overview of our solutions

Read more about different ways to make use of our software solutions.

Strategy driven approach to Enterprise Architecture

To succeed in today’s rapidly changing environment, businesses need to secure the ability to react fast to new challenges. Reduced time to market and adaptation to change comes from organizational agility. You can achieve this by building tightly aligned organizations across functions and understanding their dynamics. 

QPR’s strategy-driven approach to enterprise architecture links your everyday operations to strategy. We help you optimize and align your organizational structures, business processes and IT systems in order to achieve the desired outcomes. Streamlined organizations are agile and deliver their maximum value. 

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Optimize your performance with Process Management

Digitalization and constant change set new challenges for organizations who look to optimize and improve their company's performance. Changes such as mergers and acquisitions trigger the need to understand and harmonize core business processes by managing and optimizing them.

With QPR your organization can build a coherent business process management solution. This includes one platform for company-wide modeling, documentation, planning and communication of your processes keeping your focus on executing your strategy. QPR offers rich process management capabilities for data driven process visualization and modeling of different dimensions based on actual operations. Furthermore, organizations current use of lean process improvement and integrated management system can be supported with QPR's business process management solution.

Analyzing business processes is vital for the organization to be able to continuously develop its processes. QPR’s process mining solution helps you understand your processes and find possible bottle necks. When identified, QPR can help you develop your processes further in a lean and agile way.

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Develop your service offering with Service Management

Service management is going through a period of significant change in the digitalizing world. Service is an intangible product aiming at bringing utility and value to the customer. Like other products, also services must be managed throughout their lifecycle. Service Management as a managerial discipline focuses on customer and service but is also related to many other management fields.

The customer expects to benefit from the service you are offering. For the benefit to concretize, the service organization itself, processes and IT systems used in service production need to function as defined and agreed upon. This is called productization.

QPR’s comprehensive service offering helps you develop your organization’s service management processes to the level you expect them to be.

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Use your data to improve your business with Data Management

Data is the new oil. Raw oil in itself is not valuable, neither is raw data. Today, information and data are the most valuable commodity, and the amount of it is growing at an exponential rate. So, the information and data must be managed.

QPR’s Data Management offering focuses on

  • information and data management
  • information and data architecture
  • information and data governance
  • business intelligence
  • expert services and consulting on the Finnish Act on Information Management in Public Administration

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