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QPR Software Plc

We innovate, develop, and deliver software for analyzing, monitoring, and modeling organizations’ operations. We also offer a wide range of complementary consulting services. Through our software and services, organizations are empowered to drive process and business transparency, ensure that their operations are run as required and designed, and create actionable intelligence where modern AI meets thought leadership.

Brief history

Founded in 1991, QPR has been leading the innovation of software and services that have generated tangible process insights for customers around the world for more than three decades. As companies continue their digital transformation and automation journeys, we are here to help them create actionable intelligence and reach their full operational potential.  

Our purpose is to help organizations reach their full operational potential

We help organizations achieve more with less. By providing them with the technologies and methods to transform the invisible into visible and the unknown into manageable, they achieve long-lasting and continuous results. 



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