A new game changer for business operations: DTO

Learn about the benefits of Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO).

Tuesday 28 November at 3 p.m. EET 

Find out how Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) can impact your operations, efficiency, and innovation

Stay competitive through innovation 

In today's fast-paced world, success requires adapting and innovating. Organizations need to be agile, responsive, and forward-thinking to stay relevant. 

Enter Digital Twin of an Organization: an emerging technology with huge potential to change the way industries operate.  

This cutting-edge technology allows you to harness the power of data and simulation to gain deep insights, enhance operational efficiency, and make informed strategic decisions by creating a dynamic, virtual replica of your business.

Make intelligent, data-driven decisions  

A Digital Twin of an Organization enables you to make better decisions based on the data you already have. 

QPR's DTO solution creates a digital copy of your company's entire business entity, saving its various areas, processes, and data. This gives you an entirely new tool to plan, analyze, and manage your complex business initiatives and make intelligent, data-driven decisions.  

"QPR's DTO solution has been a true game changer for us. We've made data-driven decisions that have boosted our business efficiency and profitability."

QPR DTO customer

Webinar agenda

In this webinar, you’ll learn the essentials about the Digital Twin of an Organization.

Tuesday 28 November at 3 p.m. EET 
Duration: 30 minutes + Q&A

1. Introduction: What is a Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO)?

2. Benefits of using a DTO

3. How to create a DTO

4. Introduction of QPR’s unique DTO suite

5. Live demo

6. Next steps: How to get started

7. Q&A (15 minutes)


Heikki_circle_backgroundHeikki Veijola 
CEO at QPR Software 

Currently serving as Chief Executive Officer at QPR Software, Heikki has extensive experience developing sales, international growth, partner ecosystems, cloud, and software as a service (SaaS) businesses. With a passion for leveraging technology to drive business excellence, Heikki strongly advocates for harnessing the power of data, analytics, and automation.

Teemu_circleDr. Teemu Lehto
Director of Consulting at QPR Software

Dr. Teemu Lehto, holding a Ph.D. in process mining, has spent more than two decades advancing the field of Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO). Teemu has helped hundreds of companies achieve unprecedented visibility into their business operations throughout his career. With a passion for this field, Teemu’s mission is to empower organizations to make data-driven decisions, optimize processes, and discover untapped potential within their businesses.

How does DTO deliver business impact?

Imagine a future where you would have a replica of your enterprise and its operating model in a digital format. 

QPR’s Digital Twin of an Organization is the solution you’ve been looking for to turn this vision into a reality. 

  • Gain a holistic insights for your organization’s strategic objectives
  • Reduce the risks of your ongoing digital transformation projects and initiatives
  • Simulate operations to increase productivity and efficiency
  • Harness existing data for root-cause analytics
  • Map customer journeys and elevate your value-adding work

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Webinar | A new game changer for business operations: DTO

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Why QPR’s Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO)?

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Build a holistic solution that evolves with your needs 

QPR is the only vendor in the market providing the full spectrum of DTO software, including Process Mining, Enterprise Modeling, Strategy and Performance management, and Consulting Services. We help you build holistic solution that evolve with your needs and integrates with your existing systems. 
2 harmony

​Get a guide throughout your digital transformation 

QPR’s experienced DTO experts will help you develop strategies that align with your unique business situation. Our services cover the full spectrum of DTO to help you achieve your goals efficiently—whether you're aiming to optimize your business processes, enhance your decision-making, or ensure the resilience of your operations.
3 Performance-1

Benefit from over three decades of experience 

You need a partner with a deep understanding of all areas related to a DTO. By working with us, you’ll benefit from over three decades of experience, a wealth of knowledge, a proven track record, a commitment to innovation, global reach, and a reputation for trust and reliability.