Strategy Execution & Performance Management with QPR Metrics

QPR Metrics combines a robust and flexible performance management functionality with a beautiful user experience. Stunning dashboards and scorecards with KPIs are also available in your pocket through the QPR UI. QPR Metrics is your perfect solution for automating strategy execution, operational performance management, people performance management, risk management and project portfolio management. QPR also uniquely combines performance and quality management enabling operational improvement.

QPR Metrics offers process performance monitoring capabilities – a critical functionality often lacking in other comparable technologies. Process KPIs are available using QPR’s patented process mining technology.

Our growing 2000+ customer base affirms QPR Metrics as one of the most powerful performance management systems in the market. QPR customers have won several prestigious awards in the area of strategy execution and performance management such as the Kaplan and Norton Hall of Fame awards.

Key highlights:

  • Advanced functionality to satisfy all your performance management needs
  • Easy to use web portal for viewing and collaboration
  • Easy and effective data input – integration and manual input via web
  • Multiple options to automate performance reporting
  • Support for all relevant frameworks
  • Scalable to any organization
  • Fast to implement, easy to use and manage

Customer Stories

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Diehl uses QPR software to guarantee that products are delivered to customers' assembly lines in required quality and at the right time.

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QPR Metrics offers North Lanarkshire Council and its community partners a single, shared platform for performance management. QPR helps effectively collect, manage and report performance information in a systematic way, save valuable time needed for reporting and improve decision making.