Data Management

You have the data - use it!

Data is the new oil. Raw oil in itself is not valuable, neither is raw data. Today, data and information is our most valuable commodity, and its’ amount is growing at an exponential rate.
So, the data must be managed.

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We can help you to

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Understand different kinds of
data and information your organization owns

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Create governance model for your data and information property

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Manage and develop your organization with the help of your data and information 

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Implement the legal requirements set by the Act on Information Management (public)

Data management the QPR way

Data management for us means concentrating on information and data architecture,  improving the quality of data, information and data governance, business intelligence and information management (public sector Finland).

QPR's data management offering includes:

Information and data architecture

Always appropriately connected to operation models, processes and IT-system architecture 

Information and data governance

A well-functioning data governance model that is linked to current organization, process and decision-making structures

Business intelligence

Defining and implementation of metrics for business operations, as well as process mining

Tailormade services public sector Finland

We help Finnish public sector customers to comply with the Act on Information Management in Public Administration (Information Management Model)

Process-based management solutions

Leverage your process models to build a Quality Management System (QMS) or a customized Integrated Management System (IMS). These management systems are built based on our QPR software. 

Quality Management System

Use QPR ProcessDesigner to model processes, roles, and responsibilities. Integrate our software with your document management system (e.g., Microsoft SharePoint) and link relevant policies, procedures, and templates directly to process models. Define and monitor quality KPIs, and export customized quality reports.

Integrated Management System

Improve operational efficiency and quality by making process guidelines available to all. Transparently communicate organizational strategy, goals, and how every employee can contribute. Supports new employee induction and enhances collective understanding.

Want to know more?

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