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Connect with all the major systems

In order to make interesting business findings with process mining, BPM or performance management, you need a seamless collection and integration of data.

QPR's solutions come with a variety of built-in QPR Connectors, which enable visualization and advanced analytics on data from your systems in ways that give performance management, business process management, and process mining a new meaning.

With QPR, you can utilize data that's spread across disconnected systems and applications - easily connect to all your data sources and integrate data seamlessly.

This is especially important for large enterprises, who may be using e.g. several on-premise SAP ERP systems, one Salesforce cloud solution, a few custom SQL applications, and some excel files. With QPR, you can use data from all of these systems and applications.

Products - QPR Connectors - Connectorlist

New connectors are continuously being developed. If your preferred connector isn't shown below, please contact us directly to find out more.

QPR Connectors include: