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Process mining

Overview of use cases

Process mining gives you insight into your processes with pinpoint accuracy, so you know exactly what to change to improve the way your business runs. See all the different ways in which you can use process mining to unlock hidden value across your business. 

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Process mining use cases

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a must for any organization wanting to thrive in its current market. However, deciding on and justifying changes and new systems may be tricky. QPR ProcessAnalyzer provides change managers with end-to-end visibility of their processes, making it easy to identify areas in need of improvement. Proving the value of automation has never been this easy – your case can be supported by the click of a button.

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Intelligent Automation

To ensure the best ROI for your automation initiatives, process selection plays a huge role. QPR ProcessAnalyzer helps you identify suitable processes for automation: automate the best and most profitable processes using any type of automation.

For questions like “what processes should I automate?” and “did my automation initiative work?” process mining provides a helping hand.

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While auditors traditionally receive information on processes through extensive interviews and reviewing process documentation, process mining increases the effectiveness of the work of both internal and external auditors by providing them with instant, full insight into the organization’s present and past processes. This allows auditors to move from an analysis of subjective samples to an analysis of the objective, full, as-is process, bringing along assurance and cutting down on precious time consumed.

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Process KPI Reporting

In order to make decisions based on facts and data, management teams need to have a system of smart, effective, and realistic KPIs that are available when needed. QPR ProcessAnalyzer includes 1000+ KPIs by default – you won't have to waste time waiting for individual KPIs to be built. The predictive capabilities in QPR ProcessAnalyzer allow you to act on the most important KPIs already before potential issues or bottlenecks arise. This is effectively changing the way organizations think - from late fixes to preventive actions.

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IT and ERP Development

QPR ProcessAnalyzer helps IT professionals manage the complexity of ERP migrations and implementations. Without having an end-to-end view of the processes continuously, you end up migrating the same ineffective processes into the new system while not being able to see the bottlenecks and problems in the migration. QPR ProcessAnalyzer is used to tackle these challenges: it compares the as-is processes compared to the designed process models, shows the best and the worst process variations, and provides continuous end-to-end visibility of the process flow, and alerts users when problems arise.

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QPR ProcessAnalyzer is an efficient and effective way to identify compliance issues. To check the compliance of processes without process mining, compliance managers will have to go through extensive sampling. Still, this does not guarantee 100% transparency, as deviations fly past the human eye. QPR ProcessAnalyzer on the other hand allows you to view, compare, and contrast processes with each other and easily spot errors. This significantly cuts down on the hassle and provides you with a thorough list of all irregularities.

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Order Management

The Order-to-Cash (OtC) process covers the whole process cycle of handling customer orders, extending across different units, such as warehousing, delivery, invoicing, and account management. Consequently, this key business process is usually high-volume with lots of variations (for instance, unwanted changes in the process that prolong lead times and affect both internal efficiency and customer satisfaction).

QPR ProcessAnalyzer visualizes the OtC process continuously and automatically. It shows you how to reduce rework, delays, and order changes by showing root causes for the inefficiencies discovered in your OtC process. Moreover, process mining helps you identify delivery or automation blocks and compliance issues with ready-made analyses and charts and monitor the performance of the end-to-end process continuously.

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The Purchase-to-Pay process is also known as PtP, procure-to-pay, or req-to-check. It refers to business processes that cover requisitioning, purchasing, confirming, receiving, paying for, and accounting for goods and services.

As the transactional volume is extremely high and often quite complex (with different approvals, procedures requests and suppliers), each step within the processes is a potential source of errors. This makes Purchase-to-Pay a good target for process mining, which brings visibility to the entire end-to-end process and identifies root causes for problems such as bottlenecks, uncompliant processes, and Maverick Buying.

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Service Management

From the starting point of your service management processes all the way until resolving a customer case or service-level agreement, a record exists of when such an event took place in the service management process. Process mining provides an unbiased, fact-based analysis of service management processes.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer transforms the event traces - the process data - into actionable insights. Spotting breaches of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and monitoring the state of company-wide or unit-wide service requests has never been easier.

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From running out of stock, lost shipments, to long production times, logistics is an endless loop of faulty processes. Where companies often push to work faster to make sure that products reach the end customer as quickly as possible, they often fall short on viewing order management from a holistic perspective. In order to be fast, you will have to understand your complete process and as such you will be able to avoid time-consuming errors piling up.

Customers also expect accurate information about their delivery, from a to-the-day accurate estimated time of delivery time to an on-call ability to check the status of their order. By providing you with a complete view of your order management process, QPR ProcessAnalyzer enables you to meet your clients’ expectations: pinpoint inefficiencies in order processing, provide data-based delivery time estimates and understand where accuracy would be a better KPI than speed.

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Take the fast track to improved business performance with process mining

In traditional business process management, processes are analyzed through process workshops and interviews, which results in a subjective picture of the ideal process. Additionally, the method is time-consuming.

Process mining takes an entirely different - and far more objective – approach. When your employees or software robots interact with your IT systems – such as SAP, Salesforce, or Oracle – the activities leave a trace of data behind, referred to as an event log. Process mining takes the event logs that exist in these information systems and uses them to visualize the real-life execution of your company’s processes together with other insights drawn from the event logs.

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QPR ProcessAnalyzer helps you:

Discover the unbiased reality of your processes with interactive visualizations

Put an end to lengthy process workshops, interviews, and arguments. QPR ProcessAnalyzer empowers you to tackle your biggest challenges by visualizing the real-life execution of your processes together with other insights drawn from your IT systems.

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Interactive process visualizations

The automatically generated interactive process flowcharts show you the process in an easy and visual way. Discover all parts of the process, drill down to different units or areas, or view trends on a high level.

Bottlenecks, rework, and variations

The process discovery highlights all process bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and variations – based on how they contribute to business outcomes.

Seamless data connection to any source system

The QPR Connectors enable you to utilize data that's spread across disconnected systems and applications: easily connect to all your data sources and integrate data seamlessly.

Find hidden value in your business with pre-built analyses and applications

Gain immediate insights about your business with a library of 100+ pre-built analyses and process mining applications for specific use cases. The pre-built analyses and applications pinpoint and prioritize where you should improve: Easily investigate the reasons for any inefficiency with the most comprehensive root cause analysis available.

Comprehensive Root Cause analysis

Integrated with all analyses and reports, the automatic root cause analysis in QPR ProcessAnalyzer enables you to easily spot the most important improvement areas in any process.

Automation Opportunity Scout

See the top automation opportunities in priority order and benchmark across your organization.

No-code analysis with drag-and-drop customization

Customize any analysis without the need to write any code. Drag-and-drop the charts and graphs that you need for your business case.

Orchestrate and optimize operations with the help of AI

Optimize your operations through continuous monitoring, automatic activation of bots and workflows, and AI-based predictions for your KPIs.

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Bot, workflow, and automation activation

Support the continuous success of automated yet ever-changing processes. Activate bots, workflows, and automation to take action before things go wrong.

AI-based predictions for your KPIs

Intelligent Machine Learning algorithms help you predict and prevent process failures, such as late deliveries or late payments.

Business alerts and notifications

Business alerts and notifications provide immediate alerts about KPI breaches or broken business rules. Don't wait to find out until it's too late to fix.

Operate securely on a scalable cloud platform

For more than 20 years we have worked together with large enterprises across industry borders on various software projects. This has given us with the expertise required for successful cross-sector implementation, scalability, and flexibility in larger organizations.

Certifiably secure process mining operations

Ensure secure process mining operations by ISO27001 certification, encryption, and SSO features.

On-premises and cloud options

Both on-premises and cloud solutions are available and customized to your needs.

Multiple language options

Use your own language to mine process data with 7 languages supported: English, French, German, Russian, Finnish, and Swedish.

Customer benefits


Shorter lead times through automation analysis


Cut lead times by 86 % by finding root causes of automation problems and seeing the top automation opportunities.


Coverage of end-to-end processes for auditors

Gain process visibility with data-driven auditing. Get 100 % coverage of processes, so you easily spot undetected errors and fraud.


Increase in order handling efficiency


Increase efficiency by 60 % by instantly spotting bottlenecks, process violations, and best practices.


Reduced amount of rework in procurement


Reduce the amount of rework by up to 80 % by discovering as-is processes in real-time flowcharts.

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