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Optimizing Global Processes and Unlocking the True Value of Automation with Process Mining

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Simplifying and Standardizing Complex Processes in a Global Enterprise

In the current rapidly evolving technological and economic landscape, companies need to become more agile and lean.

However, the required process simplification and standardization is often hindered by unknown complexities and differing perceptions of the process execution – especially in large organizations.

When processes are continuously changing, and gathering information from different global and local functions takes time, it becomes hard to see the forest for the trees.

Unlocking the True Value of RPA and Intelligent Automation

Process mining is a key enabler of the continuous success of automation: you need to understand the continuously changing processes in order to quantify the impact of automation.

Process mining technology helps optimize and scale automation initiatives in the end-to-end process context, for example by showing the top automation opportunities in priority order and monitoring the execution of the processes.

Customer Story Highlights

  • Why process mining plays an important role in the automation roadmap
  • How to optimize financial and HR processes with the help of process mining
  • Why Sanofi chose process mining with QPR ProcessAnalyzer
  • Process mining benefits - from functional to global level - acknowledged by top management



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