A new game changer for business operations: Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO)

Are you considering creating a Digital Twin of an Organization to transform your company into a digital organization? Learn the what, why, and how in this blog post!

Every organization is unique. To succeed and achieve business goals, you need to understand how your organization functions. For example:

  • What are the organization's objectives?
  • How do people work together to achieve results?
  • What is the interface towards customers, suppliers, and other business partners?

If you can find answers to these questions, it will be more likely for your work to be strategic and efficient. However, just knowing the answers are not enough to drive change across the company. A digital twin can come in handy for any organization to scale the transformation on an enterprise-level and pave the way for success.

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What is a Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO)?

A Digital Twin of an Organizationis a dynamic digital model of any organization. It guides you to focus on your organization’s strategic objectives and internal processes to increase your overall productivity.

A Digital Twin of an Organization includes:

  • The past performance data
  • An understanding of current business goals, business models, and business processes
  • Performance KPI indicators with target levels
  • Detailed transaction-level situational process analysis
  • Support for intelligent business decision making

The digital organization helps you align both new and current employees with the company goals and operations. For instance, for new employees joining the organization, a digital organization should provide an understanding of business operations, performance goals, and overall strategy statements. For existing employees, the digital organization should provide up-to-date information about the latest strategy, direction, and agreed on business models.

The digital twin is also a storage for information, such as performance KPIs, process insights, and transaction-level data analysis of the current situation. 


Why do we need a Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO)?

A Digital Twin of an Organization serves as a system for all stakeholders to align with company goals and operations. It helps you understand your processes, customers, and employees - and improve your work to be efficient, effective, and agile.

My top reasons for why you need to build a DTO of your organization are:
  1. The world is changing, so should you
  2. You have more data available about digital processes and more opportunities to optimize and save costs
  3. Mergers, acquisitions, and divestment shape large organizations and the complex IT landscapes need to be managed
  4. Robotic process automation (RPA) and Hyperautomation are taken into use to automate individual tasks and process steps
  5. Customer experience is becoming increasingly important and critical in business operations
  6. Competition is getting global and intense - only the fittest will survive
  7. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to boost business operation efficiency


Therefore, it is vital that you use a DTO to:

  • Gain a holistic insight for your organization’s strategic objectives
  • Reduce the risks of your ongoing digital transformation projects and initiatives
  • Simulate operations to increase productivity and efficiency
  • Harness existing data for root-cause analytics
  • Map customer journeys and elevate your value-adding work


Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) and Process Mining

Process Mining is one of the core building blocks for DTOs. Using process mining software such as QPR ProcessAnalyzer gives a significant advantage to companies who want to create a digital twin of an organization (DTO). 

Process mining provides automatically-generated visualizations of the actual business processes in the form of dynamic flowcharts. At the same time, it presents KPIs based on past, present and future data.

For example, the process mining software QPR ProcessAnalyzer is used by the largest and most complex of global organizations to drive digital transformation and business improvement initiatives. The use cases for this are numerous including Process Improvement, Process KPI Reporting, RPA, Digital Transformation and Auditing.

With process mining, any manager or process / business owner can check the latest results in seconds from ready-made, automatically-updating data visualizations. You get an insightful view of the operational and financial situation at this second, and you can set business triggers and notifications to be updated when there are important changes happening in the process anytime in the future.

From a digital organization perspective, the future is the most crucial item for you to understand: what is going to happen tomorrow with your digital processes, but also in the upcoming weeks and months.

All in all, QPR ProcessAnalyzer acts as an engine for your organization’s Digital Twin. With easy-to-use presets, 1000+ KPIs included in the process mining model, automatically updating dashboards and process flowcharts - building DTOs has never been this easy.

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How to build your Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO)? 

It is a motivating and rewarding job to build and maintain a Digital Twin of an Organization. You can first start with small pilot projects targeted to the most crucial areas using the latest technology, such as process mining. After achieving concrete business results, you can scale up your digital organization to maximize the benefits!

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Teemu Lehto

Dr. Teemu Lehto, holding a Ph.D. in process mining, has spent more than two decades advancing the field of Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO). Teemu has helped hundreds of companies achieve unprecedented visibility into their business operations throughout his career. With a passion for this field, Teemu’s mission is to empower organizations to make data-driven decisions, optimize processes, and discover untapped potential within their businesses.

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