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Robotic Process Automation is about automating repeatable high-volume tasks. Compared to workflow automation, this approach aims to work on the front-end of software, removing the need for heavy integrations and scripting.

While RPA can bring about huge business benefits to a company, it can also be very costly if implemented without sufficient process knowledge. Insufficient understanding of the steps, substeps, and variations in your processes leads to loss of time and resources. Consequently, finding out about your processes through traditional methods such as workshops and process modeling can also be lengthy and costly endeavors. For gaining the needed information, process mining is the perfect tool for your RPA effort.

Through process mining you'll be able to tap onto your system data and identify and understand your processes automatically. Extracting process data from your transactional systems gives you exact information about your processes. By analyzing this data, you'll rapidly build up your awareness of your processes and their bottlenecks. These findings give you a roadmap for implementing RPA solutions.

Combine QPR's long process management experience with its advanced, flagship product QPR ProcessAnalyzer, and make your RPA automation initiatives worth your investment.

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