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QPR named Leader in Process Discovery and Mining

ISG Provider Lens™
Intelligent Automation - Solutions and Services 2021 in the Nordics

Report highlights

"With a comprehensive out-of-the-box process mining solution and a suite of powerful machine learning capabilities, QPR Software is proving itself as a force to be reckoned with in the very competitive process mining market”, the report states.


  • Out-of-the-box solution
    QPR Software’s proprietary process mining solution, QPR ProcessAnalyzer, is designed to be comprehensive yet easy to set up and use, even by non-technical users. Its features include one-click root cause analysis, customized dashboards, and no-code options where business users can create their own custom process analysis. All connectors, use cases, and dashboards are out-of-the-box.

  • Machine Learning predictions
    QPR Software’s offering comes with powerful machine learning capabilities that can make case-level predictions (e.g. whether a particular invoice will be delayed) and suggest recommended next actions.

  • Extensive industry traction
    QPR Software’s customer base is a roll call of many of the largest enterprises and brand names in the Nordics. 

  • In-memory analysis
    An important feature of the process mining tool QPR ProcessAnalyzer is its in-memory AI capabilities, which gives it the ability to operate on top of existing data lakes (from Redshift and Snowflake) without the need to store the data within its databases ― a feature that appeals to enterprises dealing with very sensitive or restricted data.


"Organisations are looking for process mining solutions that can give deep insights into processes while also protecting data. QPR ProcessAnalyzer stands out for its powerful in-memory analysis capabilities that can operate on top of existing data lakes. It also brings an array of features such as customised dashboards and no-code options that will appeal to many enterprise customers."

-Mark Purdy, Senior Lead Analyst at ISG


“As organizations continue to increase their digitization and automation measures, the need for understanding the underlying holistic processes grows rapidly. ISG’s acknowledgment of QPR’s strengths within process mining is a strong recognition that our process mining technology and tool, QPR ProcessAnalyzer, is well aligned with the market’s needs.”

- Jussi Vasama, CEO at QPR

Automation + process mining = match made in heaven

To gain the most value out of your automation investment and reach your full operational potential, you need to start from the right processes, be aware of their exceptions, and continuously monitor and streamline them with the right tools. This requires all three parts of intelligent automation: RPA, AI, and process mining.

By combining automation with AI-based process mining, you can:

Discover your complete end-to-end processes, including the most granular tasks

View a list of prioritized top automation opportunities

Prove the value of automation with the click of a button

Predict and prevent process failures with intelligent ML-functionalities

Process mining with QPR ProcessAnalyzer

QPR ProcessAnalyzer draws data from your information systems (such as SAP, Salesforce, or Oracle) using pre-built connectors, and uses it to visualize the real-life execution of your complete processes. The leading process mining software comes with a comprehensive set of pre-built analyses and applications.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer also includes a task recording functionality, which enables you to discover processes on the most granular task level.

Harness the full power of process mining together with any RPA, automation, low-code, or workflow -platforms.

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The benefits of process mining

Find and get rid of your biggest process inefficiencies. Process mining reveals problem areas in your processes by highlighting them in flowcharts and ranking them based on how they contribute to business outcomes. Know what to prioritize when you want to improve your business operations. 

Process mining enables you to:

  • Get an x-ray of your processes
    Get a 100% objective view of your processes based on the data in your IT systems: understand your processes, see bottlenecks, errors, and other inefficiencies – and have the confidence to make the required changes in your processes.

    "You build an x-ray of your processes"
    -Siem Jaspers, Supply Chain Analyst, Terumo Europe
  • Quantify the value of improvement initiatives and automation
    Demonstrate value before and after implementing changes. Prove how improvement initiatives and automation contribute to concrete business outcomes.
  • Get your stakeholders on board
    You need to understand how your organization works, what to prioritize, and what to transform – and get everyone else on board. Process mining helps you make data-driven decisions with expected ROI and investigate the process in detail together with your stakeholders.
  • Get value in no time
    Process mining has a short time-to-value:

    “We gave the data of the system, and right away, in 5 minutes, we saw the bottlenecks of the process."

    -Lambros Bessas, Piraeus Bank

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Process Discovery and Mining