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Process Improvement

Achieve process excellence with data-driven process improvement

QPR's process mining software quickly identifies bottlenecks, rework, and compliance violations. Instead of trying to make decisions based on old data, QPR ProcessAnalyzer enables you to make the right decisions based on current information. 


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Process Improvement Icon - Discover processes

Discover your as-is processes, their inefficiencies, and compliance issues. Spot the best and the worst variations.

Process Improvement Icon - Find root causes

Find root causes for problems and efficiently allocate development resources accordingly.

Process Improvement Icon - reduce waste

Effectively implement changes and set up related metrics which you can communicate to any stakeholders.

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Set up continuous process monitoring using process insight and utilize predictive machine learning.

Featured Webinar: November 3rd, 2020 at 3 PM EET / 2 PM CET / 1 PM GMT

How to use Process Mining for Process Improvement

Quick identification of development areas, reacting proactively to problems, and learning fast are key for making the needed big process improvements to operational performance.

Process Mining is a great method for continuous Process Improvement. In this blog, you can read about the deming cycle (PDCA), the BPM lifecycle, process mining stakeholders, and process excellence KPIs - and find out how process mining relates to these.

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With process benchmarking, you know what to improve

The ability to discover your as-is processes is at the core of process mining. QPR ProcessAnalyzer collects data from your source systems and automatically visualizes process flows that take place in your organization.

If you're looking to enhance your operational performance, then benchmarking your internal processes in real-time against any meaningful dimension - e.g. regions, units, or costs - offers several benefits:

  1. Understanding your current processes and starting point as you consider potential change initiatives.
  2. Highlighting the areas that have the best potential for short-term and long-term process improvement
  3. Gaining fact-based and relevant data that is crucial for building powerful business cases

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.2 - Benchmarking


Spot compliance issues with Conformance analysis

With QPR ProcessAnalyzer's Conformance analysis, you see how the actual process behavior conforms with the intended process - the Design Model. You'll instantly see conforming and nonconforming cases, conformance trends, reasons for deviations, and top violating variations.

QPR's process mining software allows you to:

  • Check for the best process variations and simply "auto create design model" based on these best versions.
  • With one click, you'll further see the Root Causes for the most violating variations, i.e. the influencing factors behind the problems.
  • Identify compliance issues, deviations from accounting standards, or segregation of duties conflicts (e.g. in order-to-cash or purchase-to-pay)

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.2 - Conformance Analysis


Continuously monitor process performance with dashboards

QPR ProcessAnalyzer contains enables you to communicate relevant process mining results to all process mining stakeholders.

Instead of trying to make decisions based on old information, as you do with different BI or KPI tools, you can make the right decisions based on the current situation. 

This way, you'll easily bring the facts to the table and make decisions much faster, with less debate. 

  • Key performance indicator (KPI) charts can be selected from a variety of ready-made presets. These charts can easily be customized by any type of user.
  • Detailed custom KPIs are easy to create with the powerful expression language.
  • All KPIs and charts can then be added to fully customizable dashboards, like the
    ones you see here. 


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Find out how Metsä Board succeeded to increase order lines and volume by 60% without changes in their supply chain headcount.

“We were immediately able to focus our process improvement activities to the right things to reach the results our business needed - and not wasting time on trial and error.”

  • Orders processed with same personnel +60 %
  • Number of invoice corrections -80 %

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Download Process Improvement Guide

Learn about PDCA (plan-act-check-do) method, process benchmarking, conformance analysis and process KPIs by downloading our comprehensive guide about using Process Mining software for Process Improvement.