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Process Improvement

Gain process excellence with data-driven process improvement

QPR's process mining software quickly identifies bottlenecks, rework, and other symptoms of waste and inefficient processes.


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Process Improvement Icon - Discover processes

Discover your as-is processes, their inefficiencies, and compliance issues.

Process Improvement Icon - Find root causes

Find root causes for problems and efficiently allocate development resources accordingly.

Process Improvement Icon - reduce waste

Reduce symptoms of waste: Effectively implement changes and set up related metrics.

Process Improvement Icon - continuous monitoring

Set up continuous process monitoring using process insight and utilize predictive machine learning.

Featured webinar: 14th April 2020, 3:00-3:30pm EET

How to use Process Mining for Process Improvement

Quick identification of development areas, reacting proactively to problems, and learning fast are key for making the needed big process improvements to operational performance.

This webinar is intended for Business Process experts, who want to learn how to use process mining in the best way to improve operational performance. 

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Discover and analyze your processes

By discovering and analyzing your processes with our process mining software, you get a systematic approach to process improvement. Identify areas that you need to develop with the exceptional process discovery that QPR ProcessAnalyzer enables.

  • Get flowcharts with as-is process diagrams
  • Use flowcharts for value stream mapping
  • Discover inefficiencies, bottlenecks and other symptoms of waste
  • Discover compliance issues (e.g. by using conformance analysis)
  • Provide insight for planning and designing the to-be processes

Make decisions based on facts

Process mining brings an entirely data-driven approach to business process improvement. Especially in large enterprises with complex processes and large amounts of data, you need process mining to:
  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Get rid of rework
  • Stop wasting time on trial and error

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Find out how Metsä Board succeeded to increase order lines and volume by 60% without changes in their supply chain headcount.

“We were immediately able to focus our process improvement activities to the right things to reach the results our business needed - and not wasting time on trial and error.”

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