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Auditing & Compliance

Get an x-ray of processes and compliance

QPR's process mining software pinpoints compliance issues and visualizes processes, so auditors gain full insight of actual process performance.


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Get 100 percent coverage into all processes and transactions, in real-time.

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Mitigate business risk by identifying and improving non-conforming processes.

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Reduce compliance costs with faster and more accurate analyses.

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Use predefined analyses and filters to ensure easy measuring and reporting.

Featured webinar: 19th May 2020, 3:00-3:30pm EET

Using process mining to improve Internal Auditing & Compliance

Learn how to check process conformance, and ensure processes adhere to regulations and standards. Moreover, hear how auditors such as EY have benefited enormously from using QPR's process mining software to easily visualize and analyze different processes, such as purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash. 

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Blog - Find Root Causes for Conformance Deviations with QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2019.1 - ConformanceResults


Achieve process compliance

Process compliance means full conformance of the implemented processes to the designed process models. Organizations strive to plan their processes according to the agreed policies, taking into account the stakeholder and regulatory requirements, in order to reduce risk.

However, in reality, process execution rarely goes according to plan.

Process mining enables an unbiased and fact-based process compliance checking. By discovering and visualizing your as-is processes, you gain full transparency of your processes. QPR's process mining software does this by analyzing the data stored in your ERP and other source systems. 

How to check process conformance

With QPR ProcessAnalyzer's conformance checking, your as-is process are compared to your designed process model. The process mining software then presents the results to you instantly, and you get to learn about the conforming and nonconforming cases, conformance trends, reasons for deviations, and top violating variations.

Uncover bottlenecks with AI-powered root cause analysis

  • Detect compliance issues
    • For example, in procurement, accounts payable, accounts receivable processes
  • Highlight deviations from accounting standards
  • Identify Segregation of Duties (SoD) conflicts
    • Such as in Order-to-Cash (O2C) or Purchase-to-Pay (P2P)

Blog - Find Root Causes for Conformance Deviations with QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2019.1 - ConformanceRootCauses2


EY's success story: Process Mining for Internal Audit and Risk Management

"Process mining gives you a holistic view of all business processes, showing what is going right or wrong. Using QPR ProcessAnalyzer we also get a comprehensive understanding of root causes and how to take corrective actions for improving operations."

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