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Digital Transformation

Get the transparency you need

Business leaders need to understand how their organization works, what to prioritize, and what to transform. Process mining helps business leaders create the best version of their company - based on facts, not guesses.


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Understand your processes and see how they contribute to business outcomes

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Get current evidence to continuously make quick, yet thoughtful decisions to stay agile

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Increase the transparency of your operations and monitor the right KPIs continuously and predictively

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Get access to the right information during the most complex transformations, such as M&As. 

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Gain a holistic understanding of your business operations

Although digital transformation is mentioned in just about every corporate playbook, many organizations have still failed to achieve the desirable outcomes with their digital transformation initiatives.

Business leaders need to understand how their organization works, what to prioritize, and what to transform - holistically and continuously. Focusing on one aspect only, such as Robotic Process Automation, without understanding the big picture, will only lead to messy processes and bots that are not working the way they are designed to.

Meanwhile, process mining has grown in popularity, as a way to increase the efficiency and understanding of enterprise business processes. However, many have not realized the various ways in which process mining can be used to enable digital transformation in an organization.


Decision-making backed up by facts and tangible improvements

With process mining, you get a transparent view of your processes, communication and decision-making is backed up by current facts, and improvements become tangible - providing credibility and structure for better change management initiatives. 

QPR ProcessAnalyzer's turnkey data collection, federated authentication, and the advanced privacy and security features ensure enterprise compatibility - even in the most complex situations.

Benefits of process mining for digital transformation include:

  • Continuous visualization of processes, which highlights problems (such as rework, bottlenecks and variations) and finds their root causes 
  • Automation presets, that help you gain an understanding of e.g. RPA initiatives, know where you need to improve, and what to automate next
  • Monitoring the status of your digital transformation - how well you comply with process design



“With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, we were able to analyze the process in two or three hours, compared to three weeks in the past.”

KBC Group, a multi-channel bank-insurer, have faced challenges that most companies within the banking industry are familiar with – the need for increased efficiency and digitalization, requiring major organizational changes.

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