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Cutting-edge process mining: The fast track to improved business performance

Taking the time to study the flow of your operations is always a good idea – no matter how your business is doing. When things are going well, you may discover ways to make them even better. And if it's not going so well, you need to be sure to understand the real rather than the perceived nature of the problem.

So what's the best way to analyze your operations?

There are basically two options. The first is to ask employees, customers and other stakeholders for feedback. The second way is Process Mining. In other words: you ask the data.

Gathering information from the people involved with your business can be very valuable, but it may not give you the full picture. Process Mining with QPR ProcessAnalyzer will.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer is an enterprise-grade software product for advanced process mining. Smart, quick-to-install, and easy-to-use, it rapidly studies your operational data and immediately identifies concrete ways to improve your business.

the process mining journey:  process discovery

Go where
you haven't
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  • Visualize your as-is processes automatically
  • Get a complete understanding of throughput, variations, unnecessary rework, and bottlenecks
  • Profile cases and events by their attributes
  • Discover compliancy violations
  • Enhance your understanding with the AI-based Clustering Analysis

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Nokia harmonizes post-merger procure-to-pay processes

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the process mining journey:  process analysis

  • Analyze root causes
    • Discover correlations between cases and their attributes
    • Identify causalities behind correlations
    • Highlight dependencies on a flowchart
  • Check conformance
    • Understand the root causes for non-conformances
    • Import models in BPMN format
    • Autocreate as-designed processes
  • Build versatile custom analyses
    • Pre-configured and custom KPIs
    • Powerful proprietary expression language
    • Autocreate as-designed processes
  • Benchmark processes
See it in action

What's the value of data-driven process analysis?

Metsä Board - Matti Ketonen
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the process mining journey:  continuous monitoring

  • Create modern, responsive dashboards
  • Set up notifications using flexible rules
  • Ad-hoc dashboarding
There's no effective continuous improvement without a simple, fast way to track the real-life execution of operations in real time.

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How effective are your processes?

EY - Stewart Wallace
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the process mining journey:  data collection

Integration Platform for ETL

  • Open APIs
  • On-prem or cloud
  • Connect to both modern and legacy systems
  • Automated real-time loading
  • In-memory flash models
  • No data limits or restrictions
  • Broad cross-industry experience
Impact business results by creating real value of your event data
EpicorMicrosoft Dynamics AXInfor M3OracleIFSMicrosoft SQL ServerSalesforceMicrosoft Dynamics NAV{ Your system } SAP
enterprise compatibility

  • Federated authentication
  • Audit logs
  • In-memory processing
  • Cloud or on-premise
  • No data use limits
  • Case-level permissions

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