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Turn your data into process intelligence
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Process mining software for improved business performance 

Smart, quick-to-deploy and easy-to-use, QPR ProcessAnalyzer rapidly studies your operational data and immediately identifies concrete ways to improve your business. 

Taking the time to study the flow of your operations is always a good idea – no matter how your business is doing. When things are going well, you may discover ways to make them even better. And if things are not going so well, then you need to be sure you understand the real rather than the perceived nature of the problem. This is where Process Mining Software QPR ProcessAnalyzer comes in. 

Using patented technology and advanced algorithms, QPR ProcessAnalyzer extracts and reads the timestamps used to record specific events along your procurement and/or supply chains: taking an order, sourcing the goods, transporting them to the customer, receiving the payment, etc. The software then visually models these timestamps in such a way that you can instantly identify deviations from an ideal process flow – to find the root cause of a problem that may be costing your business money.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer software is available as:

To read more about process mining and related software, visit our process mining solution page.


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“The Visualization of the Processes is a great tool for communicating the needed changes for the process stakeholders. Showing the actual happenings clarifies the needs for process improvements and makes the points of improvement clear. QPR ProcessAnalyzer is truly a gamechanger for process improvement”.” 
- Fauzia Khan, Business Process Manager, Nokia

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"It is highly beneficial to visualize the project management processes from ERP data to have a foundation for process improvement. Furthermore, validation of existing issues helps Patria to focus development efforts.”
- Minna Tiura-Kortesmaa, Manager (PMO), Patria Land Systems

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