QPR ProcessAnalyzer

Intelligent Process Mining Software

Gain insight into your processes with pinpoint accuracy, so you know exactly what to change to improve the way your business runs.


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Discover how your processes happen in reality

Empower your organization to tackle your biggest challenges by discovering all process bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and automation opportunities. 

QPR ProcessAnalyzer presents automatically-generated visualizations of your processes in dynamic flowcharts. Discover any parts of the process, drill down to different units or areas, or view trends on a high level.



Investigate root causes, conformance, and long cases

Investigate the reasons for any process issues with the most comprehensive Root Cause analysis available, which pinpoints the reasons behind inefficiencies. Integrated with all analyses and reports, you can easily find improvement areas in any process.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer also includes other advanced analyses such as conformance analysis, clustering analysis, and predicted long cases.



Build dynamic dashboards and calculate any KPIs

While building dashboards may seem mundane, anyone can easily build their own dynamic dashboards with QPR ProcessAnalyzer. Moreover, the intuitive KPI Wizard allows analysts to calculate any KPIs you could possibly imagine.

“With QPR ProcessAnalyzer dashboards, you see the process and the flow in action, as compared to traditional BI reporting. Process Mining provides the flexible bit that explores but also monitors the right KPIs” –John Gilmartin, JPGAL.



"We cut our loan application process from 35 minutes to 5 minutes on average."

Lambros Bessas, Senior Manager
Piraeus Bank

"We now embed process mining in real-time, identify bottlenecks instantly, and take actions much earlier."

Stewart Wallace, Risk Analytics Manager

"You build an x-ray of your processes"

Siem Jaspers, Supply Chain Analyst
Terumo Europe


Act based on apps and business alerts

Proactively target issues and use out-of-the-box applications to quickly improve your processes. The comprehensive set of process mining apps provide a ready-made, fine-tuned analysis for your specific processes, which fastens your time to insight and action.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer notifies you that action is needed when an RPA enabled process starts failing, when policies or rules are violated, or when KPIs are below target. 



Operate securely

With QPR's broad cross-industry experience of software projects with large enterprises for more than 20 years, we prioritize security, scalability, and flexible data connection in everything we do. 

  • QPR Connectors enable you to easily connect to all your data sources and combine data from them.
  • Choose between the on-premise or cloud solution - QPR’s consultants and Customer Care fully support customers with both deployment options.
  • The Cloud solution is hosted on AWS, the leading cloud computing platform used by many high-sensitivity organizations.





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What is Process Mining?

When people hear the words data mining, they nowadays have an idea of what it means. We often define data mining as a process of analyzing data from several perspectives and summarizing it into useful information. With support from this information, we can then make decisions that affect the success of a company. However, even when data mining is familiar to people, process mining still seems to be a new topic for many. Very often, I encounter questions like, “What is process mining? How does it work?”

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QPR ProcessAnalyzer Use Cases

checkmark_purple Robotic Process Automation

RPA provides a way to get high-volume tasks performed fast and without errors. However, RPA often fails due to automating bad processes. With Process Mining, you can optimize your processes and increase the ROI of RPA by 44 %: streamline processes, identify issues, see what to automate next, and monitor process conformance. Read more >

checkmark_purple Process KPI Reporting

Process mining identifies relevant process KPIs and measures them transparently and continuously while revealing the root causes of problems in your processes. With one process mining model, you get access to 1000+ standard KPIs, which you can effortlessly report to all stakeholders. Moreover, the intuitive KPI Wizard allows you to easily create KPIs. Read more >

checkmark_purple Digital Transformation

Business leaders need to understand how their organization works, what to prioritize, and what to transform. Process mining helps business leaders understand processes and see how they contribute to business outcomes. It also provides current evidence to continuously make quick, yet thoughtful decisions, so companies can stay agile. Read more >

checkmark_purple Auditing & Compliance

QPR ProcessAnalyzer pinpoints compliance issues and visualizes processes automatically, so auditors gain full insight of actual process performance. Track SLA compliance and identify errors and fraud. With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, you get both a holistic and a very detailed view of processes and their individual steps. Read more >

checkmark_purple Process Improvement

Achieve process excellence with data-driven process improvement. QPR's process mining software quickly identifies all bottlenecks, rework, and process variations. Instead of trying to make decisions based on past data, QPR ProcessAnalyzer enables you to make the right decisions based on current information. Read more >

checkmark_purple IT & ERP Development

Reduce complexity with Process Mining. IT and ERP migrations, implementations, and deployments are demanding and laborious projects, yet necessary for today’s agile businesses. Find out how process mining decreases the complexity of these vital tasks. Read more >

Customer Benefits

KPI reporting

Robotic Process Automation

Cut lead times by 86 % by finding root causes of problems and identifying automation opportunities.

KPI reporting

Auditing & Compliance

Gain process visibility with data-driven auditing. Get 100 % coverage of processes. Identify undetected errors and fraud.

KPI reporting

Order to Cash

Increase efficiency by 60 % by instantly spotting bottlenecks, process violations, and best practices.

Digital transformation

Purchase to Pay

Reduce the amount of rework by up to 80 % by discovering as-is processes in real-time flowcharts.

“With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, we were able to analyze the process in two or three hours, compared to three weeks in the past.”

KBC Group, a multi-channel bank-insurer, needed to increase the efficiency and transparency of their operations. However, with centralized risk management operations yet local offices in 30 countries, reasons for process failures were complicated to identify.  

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See how QPR ProcessAnalyzer works

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Connect to all major sources of data

QPR Connectors allow you to utilize data that's spread across disconnected systems and applications.

Easily connect to all your data sources and integrate data seamlessly.

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With process mining, it's important to have a software that offers seamless integration to your data sources, a suitable deployment option, and different licenses for different types of users.

With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, you get all of these, as well as access to the industry’s leading Root Cause analysis, AI-based Clustering analysis, advanced Machine Learning functionalities, and more.

Find out more by downloading the QPR ProcessAnalyzer feature guide below!