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Process KPI Reporting

Measure performance continuously

You can use process mining to identify relevant process KPIs and measure them transparently and continuously. QPR ProcessAnalyzer gives you this insight by analyzing event data from your IT systems.


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Improve the quality of process KPIs - gain full transparency.

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Find root causes to problems and poor performance.

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Continuously improve process performance by focusing on relevant KPIs.

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Get notified when a process step is going to take too long, affecting your KPIs.

Featured webinar: 21st April 2020, 3:00-3:30pm EET

Why you should be focusing on process KPI reporting

Learn how to use the right KPIs and make process KPI reporting a key part of your operations with QPR's process mining software.

This webinar is primarily intended for executives overseeing the ongoing business operations within a company - but anyone interested is welcome to join!

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Improve the quality of process KPIs with QPR ProcessAnalyzer

  • Create visually appealing and powerful dashboards of process KPIs and make them visible throughout your organization.
  • QPR's process mining software automatically creates a graphical representation of actual business processes in the way that they have been executed in reality.
  • Real-time dynamic reports of root causes provide full visibility to reasons behind process bottlenecks, long lead times, and poor delivery accuracy - to name just a few examples.
  • With QPR's process KPI reporting, you can see in detail which factors affect the execution of processes, and what you need to do to improve the processes.

Our process mining software enables KPI reporting in the following ways: 

  • You can choose from a variety of predefined, yet customizable, KPI templates, no matter the industry you work in 
  • By using our KPIs for all of your processes, you gain insights simultaneously from an internal efficiency and external customer point-of-view
  • We offer plug and play connectors to SAP ERP, Oracle ERP, Salesforce, and other sources of process execution data
  • You get continuous process monitoring and process performance dashboards
  • You can easily benchmark processes with the root cause analysis

Robotic Process Automation with QPR ProcessAnalyzer


"You build something that's a complete x-ray of the processes, and you can bring those facts to the table without debates."

Find out how a large producer of medical devices uses QPR ProcessAnalyzer to gain data-driven insights into their as-is business processes.

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