Modern process mining in Snowflake Data Cloud

QPR Software's decision to power its process mining solution with the Snowflake Data Cloud has recently received a warm welcome in the US market. This forward-thinking innovation sets QPR apart and delivers its users unique modern architecture, scalability, performance, and security, positioning it as a leader in process mining software. 

While other process mining vendors maintain their own cloud environments, a couple of years ago, QPR opted to utilize the widely recognized Snowflake Data Cloud. Following extensive research and testing, Snowflake demonstrated superior performance capabilities.

Matti Erkheikki, QPR’s Chief Product Officer, explains, "For over ten years, we observed the challenges facing process mining in the market. Managing extensive data volumes is needed to be more cost-effective, faster, and maintain high levels of security. Snowflake's revolutionary cloud service decouples data and capacity and ensures seamless data processing, even for the largest companies and datasets. Moreover, its pricing model prioritizes data handling over storage costs, further enhancing cost efficiency."

If customers already utilize Snowflake as their data cloud, QPR ProcessAnalyzer seamlessly connects to it, eliminating the need for data duplication. However, if customers utilize another cloud service, their data is copied to QPR Software's Snowflake Data Cloud account. In both scenarios, process mining occurs instantaneously without limitations on the number of data rows.

Centralizing Data in the Cloud: Enhancing Process Mining and Revolutionizing Data Management

Using a data cloud not only enhances process mining but also revolutionizes data management practices. When companies centralize their data storage in the cloud, it becomes accessible across various technologies, not limited to QPR ProcessAnalyzer. 

By eliminating the need to duplicate data between platforms, process mining becomes instantaneous, more reliable, and cost-effective. This is a huge game changer for companies, particularly those who spend several hours daily just copying event data into independent standalone process mining cloud software for analysis. 

Furthermore, this centralized approach enables comprehensive data utilization, facilitating applications such as artificial intelligence (AI). 

"In process mining, data is transformed into event log format, serving purposes such as analysis, reporting and AI applications. Modern companies leverage cloud-based data processing to enable versatile data usage without replicating or transferring. Data security remains uncompromised as it stays within the data cloud," explains Erkheikki.

By streamlining IT operations, mitigating risks, and establishing a robust foundation for data utilization, companies are drawn to adopt the QPR ProcessAnalyzer, powered by Snowflake. Furthermore, this choice aligns with their sustainability objectives. 

Erkheikki anticipates a rapid expansion in the adoption of modern data handling practices as more companies mature into utilizing data clouds. With inflation and rising interest rates, companies are increasingly focused on cost control while also prioritizing scalability and innovation.

"We're currently witnessing a growing interest in the US market, particularly among large enterprises, and anticipate similar growth elsewhere. We take pride in offering our customers cutting-edge process mining technology while assisting them in establishing a robust and scalable data foundation for ongoing innovation. By shifting from data replication across various technologies to utilizing data clouds accessible from any platform, companies lay the foundation for leveraging our modern process mining tool. This approach not only simplifies data management but also facilitates the integration of artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies,” concludes Erkheikki.

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