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Year 2018 is regarded as the breakthrough year for process mining! Here are 7 trends of the booming process mining market so you can stay up-to-date with the latest development in the world of data-driven process improvement.
We are all too familiar with the notion that AI will be a major game changer in each and every business. As a professional who eats and breathes processes and thrives on process mining, I have eagerly asked myself, how would AI change the business process world? I see a relationship between AI and process design, where the latter lies in the very heart of AI being able to work for you and your business.
Are you working in an organization that is undergoing digital transformation? How do you ensure the success of this digi leap? Let's learn why and how to measure digital transformation success using lean enterprise architecture.
How do you get things right the first time? In this blog post, we share our tips on how you can get started with First Time Right as a KPI, how you can increase your First Time Right percentage, and how you can monitor and develop this KPI.
Process Mining year 2018 is off to a great start and it is even getting better with QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2018.2. This release brings forth new features that focus on the data security and exportation of data from QPR ProcessAnalyzer.
Handling Insurance Claims is a daily process in the insurance domain and a high volume of claims are handled on the high corporate level, which in turn produces large amounts of transactional data. Using QPR ProcessAnalyzer, this data can be analyzed to gain an understanding what occurs in the claims process and how it is performing.