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An optimal way to start creating enterprise architecture (EA) work is first to look at it from the business viewpoint...
One of the key things I have found most important when starting discussions around enterprise architecture (EA) matters is to communicate and understand people by using their own everyday language. Even if speaking the same language, it doesn’t necessarily mean people understand things the same way. One word written and spelled the same way can have different contextual meanings for different persons in your company...
A problem many organizations face when starting enterprise architecture work is where to start, and how to get started? Here is my simple three-point starting list how to begin your EA work regardless of your role in that work...
By talking to people and manual modeling, you do get about 80% understanding as to how a process runs, or should run, and where the possible problems may lay. But it’s the unknown 20% of the process where most of the problems can usually be found...
One of the highlights of the Forum was Dr. Robert Kaplan’s (co-creator of balanced scorecard methodology) Master class session on strategy execution. Dr. Kaplan started his presentation by emphasizing the importance of leading change as part of strategy execution and pointed out that in today’s dynamic environment business leaders should always be prepared for change - even if business is currently running smoothly.