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Data mining seems to be the holy grail of enterprise software today. Yet while many have heard of it, few have seen it in action. Even fewer seem to know how to actually use it. Mainstream adoption seems to perpetually hover just below the horizon, but creating a solid business case has been challenging, especially for small or mid-size businesses without the budget for tailor made solutions.
Happy path is the designed process flow that leads to a happy customer. The beauty of process mining is that you don’t only get the happy path but also all possible fact-based details behind those unhappy cases.
It has been great to participate in Process Mining projects. Typically in them we make a lot of discoveries based on the transaction-level data. Some of the typical discoveries include longer than expected lead times, skipping of required activities, as well as large amount of extra activities & rework. While it is great to make these discoveries, the operational business people typically need more detailed information about the root causes in order to start corrective actions and business improvement projects.
A problem many organizations face when starting enterprise architecture work is where to start, and how to get started? Here is my simple four-point starting list how to begin your EA work regardless of your role in that work...
Balanced scorecard alone is not enough for successful strategy execution. To achieve significant change, it's critical to understand how strategic objectives and initiatives influence organization's business operations and architecture...
By talking to people and manual modeling, you do get about 80% understanding as to how a process runs, or should run, and where the possible problems may lay. But it’s the unknown 20% of the process where most of the problems can usually be found...