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February 9, 2017

What is strategy?

We use the word business ‘Strategy’ on a daily basis. It’s part of our vocabulary. But have you ever asked yourself about the real meaning behind the word? Last year I wrote a mini guide about business strategy called ‘7 things Every Leader Needs to Know about Strategy’. It turned out to be one of my most read knowledge guides. In this article, I like to zoom in on the core of strategy. CHOICE. I also added a video 'what is business strategy' at the end.

Writer: Jeroen De Flander

Tags: strategy, balanced scorecard, KPI

December 5, 2016

Six smart ways to challenge the quality of your KPI's

KPI’s or key performance indicators measure your progress towards success. KPI's are a crucial strategy execution component. Unfortunately, too many managers get carried away when they hear the word KPI. Dashboards, traffic lights, …. the more visuals, the better. However, using KPI’s the wrong way can harm your company. So what's the right way to work with KPI's? Here are 6 ways to challenge your current KPI’s of check the quality for new ones. You can check out the KPI video here.

Writer: Jeroen De Flander

Tags: balanced scorecard, BSC, strategy execution, KPI

November 22, 2016

I dare you to do your best with us, for our customers!

Our business is about providing actionable insights to our customers. It takes passion and dedication to design and deliver software solutions that truly make a difference. To feed the growing number of customers we now need you! We’re on the lookout for competent and curious SW consultants as well as experienced engineers to join our dynamic team of experts.

Writer: Jari Jaakkola

Tags: career opportunities, open positions, job listings, business process development, software development, enterprise architect, SW engineer, business consultant, business consultancy, operational development, QPR as a workplace, atmosphere

October 19, 2016

Process mining goes mainstream

I just recently had a chance to chat with Mr. Tobias Rother about business benefits of process mining. Tobias is the CEO of Process Analytics Factory, our partner in Germany, and has years of experience in working with customers around process mining. Read on to find out what the main points we covered were.

Writer: Mika Leonsaari

Tags: Process Mining