Managing quality and performance with QPR in the Vårgårda Council

The Swedish Vårgårda Council is making the most of their QPR implementation. By combining financial information, targets and goals with a powerful quality management system, the organization has a created a solid foundation for control and continuous improvements.

The entire Vårgårga Municipality organization is using QPR ProcessDesigner and QPR Metrics for multiple purposes. The different parts of the organization have different needs and are affected by different regulations. The QPR implementation has proven to be able to cover all possible needs in terms of quality management, process management, balanced scorecard, monitoring, steering, LEAN etc. All employees have access to the information in the system by the dynamic web portal that QPR provides.

What was accomplished?

  • Gather everything within the same solution
  • Ease of finding financial information, goals and targets
  • The opportunity to collaborate and learn from other similar organizations


Vårgarda Municipality Success Story

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