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Customer Story: Implement Consulting Group

Process Optimization Powered by Process Mining

“Process mining is a very powerful combination of data and processes. It takes data into a business context." - Julie Blom Hansen, Senior Management Consultant at Implement Consulting Group.

Process mining analysis for business impact and digital transformation

With strong expertise in process optimization and a sharp focus on making business impacts, Implement Consulting Group chooses a leading process mining software - QPR ProcessAnalyzer in order to help their clients to solve various business challenges.

Emil Hassing, Management Consultant, also shares he is impressed with the potential of QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

“Predictive analysis is a game changer, because you move from analytical part into business transformation. You fix before the accidents happen.”



Interview highlights

Highlights | Implement Consulting Group (1 minute)

Full interview | Implement Consulting Group (14 minutes)

Process Mining Analysis for Business Impact and Digital Transformation (30 minutes)

Increased transparency in risk management operations

Read the success story pdf below to learn more about how Implement Consulting Group leverages process mining to:

  • Accelerate the process mapping process,
  • Facilitate a smooth and risk-free ERP migration in a global financial department,
  • Reduce lead times, open cases and process rework in manufacturing,
  • Increase productivity in the public sectors.

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