Customer Story: Piraeus Bank 

How we helped Piraeus Bank cut the lead time of a key process by 86 %  

“We gave the data to QPR ProcessAnalyzer, and right away, in 5 minutes, we saw the bottlenecks of the process." 

The need: process transparency and efficiency  

Piraeus Bank, a leading Greek multinational financial services company with €34.7 bn worth of net loans and 5.7 million customers, needed to bring clarity to its consumer loan process. 

Besides the sheer number of process steps taking place each month – 20 000 applications processed with 110 000 user events – the process was often handled in a non-standard way.  

Traditional process mapping, interviews, and workshops did not show the reality of the process, and automation was no remedy.  

Business needs: 

  • Creating a detailed end-to-end process visualization of the consumer loan process 
  • Identifying the key bottlenecks in the selected process 
  • Monitoring KPIs and rework in the process flow  
  • Identifying deviations from the designed process  
  • Identifying root causes for inefficiencies 
  • Identifying areas of improvement to optimize performance

How Piraeus Bank selected the right process mining tool and team 

QPR ProcessAnalyzer was selected due to its dynamic and automatic process visualization, market-leading root cause analysis, comprehensive KPI monitoring capabilities as well as out-of-the-box conformance and lead time -analysis. 

As the initial analysis had identified over 1 000 000 events in the consumer loan process, the only software capable of analyzing these amounts of data and bringing instant results was QPR ProcessAnalyzer.  

As a partner, QPR stood out as a more agile and customer-oriented alternative.  

Why QPR ProcessAnalyzer 

  • Capable of analyzing huge data amounts in the blink of an eye 
  • Dynamic and automatic process visualization 
  • Market-leading root cause analysis 
  • Comprehensive KPI monitoring 
  • Out-of-the-box conformance and lead time -analysis 
  • Agile and customer-oriented team 
  • Easy implementation 

Locating process bottlenecks and increasing efficiency 

With process mining, Piraeus Bank was able to uncover bottlenecks, inefficient process variants, and their sources.

They analyzed root causes for different inefficiencies and could easily identify process optimization points. 

Moreover, they got valuable insights into why automation initiatives had not worked the way they planned and what should be changed in order to fix the problems.   

Piraeus Bank got much more than transparency. They:

  • uncovered bottlenecks
  • found inefficiencies and their root causes
  • pinpointed optimization points
  • got indispensable automation insights

The result: “Unprecedented transparency” 

Based on the fact-based findings provided by process mining, Piraeus Bank was able to make the right improvements and optimize the process – eventually cutting the process lead time by 86 %. 

“Thanks to QPR, we were able to demonstrate process bottlenecks to the broader management, identify optimization points and make recommendations to improve the consumer loan process.”

Lambros Bessas, Senior Manager - Piraeus Bank 


🎯 Goal: Transparent consumer loan process

✅ Results: Unprecedented transparency with 86 % shorter lead time

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