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Piraeus Bank uses QPR ProcessAnalyzer to locate process bottlenecks in 5 minutes and cut lead time.

With complaints arising after implementing robotic process automation (RPA) and automating the consumer loans process, Piraeus Bank was eager to find the answers to their process problems. Using QPR ProcessAnalyzer, they located the root causes in 5 minutes. Based on these findings, they are now cutting the process lead time by 86% in order to stay competitive in the market.

"We have automated the process of consumer loans, and that we all thought that we are very good, and we have happy customers, and the process was ideal. And out of the blue, we had complaints from the customer, the business, the branches of the bank, so we were like, what's going on? We brought QPR to the picture, when they came in, they helped us a lot, we gave the data of the system, and right away in 5 minutes, we saw the bottlenecks of the process."

Piraeus Bank Success Story
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