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Terumo Europe uses QPR ProcessAnalyzer to gain data-driven insights into their as-is business processes allowing them to focus on value-added process optimization.

Terumo Europe implemented QPR ProcessAnalyzer within 100 days, from conceptualization to execution, with emphases on effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability.

"The good thing is that, in 3 months you build something that's a complete x-ray of the processes, and you can bring those facts on the table without debates, it's coming right out of your system and having that is a big power in making decisions with those fact-based data."

"QPR is for us an easy tool to verify, is business working this way? Is it value added to change the process?"



  • Find an innovative solution to better understand business needs
  • Data available in it systems was not benefitted from



  • Start process mining with QPR ProcessAnalyzer
  • Visualize processes based on data
  • Get a fact-based understanding of processes and KPIs


Business benefits

  • Added transparency to processes
  • Facts instead of gut-feelings
  • Less debate of correctness of challenges


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