Kemira improves process performance and harmonizes operations using QPR ProcessAnalyzer

QPR Software and Kemira have cooperated for several years in process development and data driven process analysis. This has resulted in a close relationship where layers and layers of data have been peeled off to reveal the true reasons behind process deviations.


  • O2C process: Getting a focused view of the process despite having many different products and product groups across a variety of global regions. 
  • P2P process: Identifying and creating meaningful process KPIs for process performance and continuous process improvement.


  • O2C: Analyzing the Order to Cash process and regional performance with QPR ProcessAnalyzer. Findings were used for identifying points of improvement leading to increased business performance.
  • P2P: Data-driven process analysis with QPR ProcessAnalyzer

Business benefits

  • Improved lead times in processes
  • Clarity in presenting process data
  • Enabling further monitoring of the Order to Cash process
  • Analysis of different regional subunits using data profiling enables concentrated improvement efforts
  • Improved delivery of service

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