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Customer Story: WD-40

Process mining in purchasing and sales processes

"Process mining identified better sales models that led to a significant growth in sales."
- Jonathan McCoy, IT Director at WD-40 Company.

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Optimizing sales and purchasing processes with process mining

WD-40, a publicly-traded, global sales company had a tough challenge that most fast-growing businesses with ever-changing market have to face – the need for fact-based insights into how your processes work.

Getting rid of rework in the purchasing processes

When WD-40 transferred to an automated purchasing process, the reasons for process failures were hard to identify. Although new systems are advertised as a solution to a variety of problems in a business, the reality is that they often add complexity and highlight process weaknesses that you had been blissfully unaware of.

“QPR ProcessAnalyzer highlights how all the repetitive tasks, purchasing changes, mistakes, and adjustments were creating considerable amount of rework and a negative business impact.”

- Jonathan McCoy, IT Director at WD-40 Company.

Creating a frictionless sales process

It’s always hard to educate process participants on the types of practices that negatively impact the happy customer flow. Initially, the sales processes at WD-40 consisted of many manual steps, causing process risks and less effective process control.

"Process mining was used to analyze sales categories, and identify better sales models that led to a significant growth in sales volume”

- Jonathan McCoy, IT Director at WD-40 Company

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