Fennovoima uses QPR’s products for establishing a management system for process communication and improvement

Fennovoima implemented QPR EnterpriseArchitect and QPR ProcessAnalyzer to establish an integrated, process based management system and share knowledge throughout the organization.

"QPR’s Software products are top of the line when process development is considered. The QPR business operating system is great for developing processes and provides a quick way for creating a draft of a process plan. QPR is fully usable in every step of process design, from planning to execution."


  • Gain comprehensive knowledge about processes.
  • Gain process specific performance data
  • Understanding the document handling process


  • Fennovoima Management System powered by QPR solutions
  • Process mining with QPR ProcessAnalyzer and QPR Connector

Business Benefits

  • Creation of a centralized portal with process data
  • Setting up dashboards for following up on process performance
  • Communicating process situations to stakeholders
  • Analyzing the document handling process

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