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Switzerland’s biggest car dealer AMAG builds a Strategy Cockpit using QPR Metrics, making strategy measurable and manageable.

AMAG chose QPR Metrics, because it is easy for business users to handle and there is no IT involvement required in order to produce quick results. On top of this, QPR Metrics has been developed in specific for strategy mapping and the implementation of Balanced Scorecard based KPI systems.

“AMAG’s QPR based strategy cockpit is the central management information system containing everything management needs to align business with strategy and increase AMAG’s success in the future” says Krystian Lasek, CFO at AMAG Import.

Main benefits

  • Strategy, its objectives and measures are accessible to everyone
  • Common understanding, definition and measurement of relevant KPIs
  • Increased efficiency through management by exception: focusing on under-performing targets

AMAG Success Story

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