Customer Story: Patria Land Systems

Data-driven approach
to improve project
management processes

“It is highly beneficial to visualize the project management processes from ERP data to have a foundation for process improvement. Furthermore, validation of existing issues helps Patria to focus development efforts.”

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Patria Land Systems uses QPR ProcessAnalyzer to improve project management processes

Patria Land Systems uses a data-driven approach to visualize their project management processes and to identify key improvement focus areas. Patria Land Systems takes the advantage of unharnessed ERP system data to improve their operations.

“By removing the extra work there are more resources available for actual work such as communicating with customers and increasing revenues.”



  • Analyzing data from ERP system to visualize project execution processes with QPR ProcessAnalyzer.

Business benefits

  • Visual process intelligence
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Visibility to operations by asis flowcharts from the endtoend process
  • Ensuring on time deliveries with first time right execution
  • Improving master data quality
  • Minimizing rework

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