Customer Story: Bridge Loans

Improved process throughput time by 40% with QPR ProcessAnalyzer

"With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, we gained vital access to facts telling the true performance of our processes and a tool that delivers everything in one package for process analysis. For us, this means a significant reduction in manual work with consistent and comparable analysis.”

- Francois Ackerman, Business Analyst.

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QPR ProcessAnalyzer provides Bridge Loans insight into their loan processes

Having its business processes well modeled and documented, Bridge Loans identified the need to do the same from the support system point of view to further improve process flows.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer provided an efficient way to get insight into Bridge’s processes based on data, no longer needing to manually map how the processes run in the support system. Everything is in one package for process analysis and performance measuring with facts.

The tool allows Bridge Loans to

  • Gain a better understanding of their system processes
  • Measure and analyze the processes
  • Benchmark between processes over time
  • Break down and analyze process components
  • Take different views and comparisons of the same process through the use of different process attributes

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