Customer Story: Fortum

Transforming old business and service models to new digital business

“QPR products are good, and I have positive experiences with what the consultants have been able to deliver. We use QPR EnterpriseArchitect in certain areas, which is a handy and easy-to-use tool"
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Fortum City Solutions ensure success of their digital transformation with the help of QPR EnterpriseArchitect

Ville Koivumäki shares with us how he has been leading the digital transformation of Fortum City Solutions from operating on old business and service models to new digital businesses. The journey consists of preparing for the development, gaining the understanding of digitalization and data, to getting enterprise-wide commitment .

Understanding your data

Learn how Fortum City Solutions ensure the success of digitalization by focusing on end-to-end thinking when modeling frameworks and developing understanding and commitment in the organization with the help of QPR EnterpriseArchitect.

"We are using EnterpriseArchitect. Of course, you could do them with PowerPoint or Visio, but it's much handier. That you can connect the things there in the background and that gives value as well."


Customer interview & presentation

Fortum's Journey to Digital Transformation Success (5 minutes)

Transforming Old Business and Service Models to New Digital Business (45 minutes)

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