Implementing the process of strategy execution premium (“XPP”)

Balanced Scorecard methodology was selected as the foundation of Laguna Verde’s comprehensive Strategy Management System as it included the key performance indexes (or KPIs) needed for better focusing on priorities, environmental protection, budget management and defining the long-term business goals.

Also internal capabilities needed to be improved for clarifying the strategic goals and for converting them into concrete actions, understandable to the staff. Of particular importance was to identify the key areas for achieving the targets. This way the resources and activities could be allocated correctly.

"With the help of our QPR powered Strategy Management System, the entire Laguna Verde Plants staff is now focused on strategy and operational deployment of the strategic objectives. Already in the first year key performance indicator targets were reached. Our plant rose from Level 3 to Level 2 of excellence, as assessed by the World Association of Nuclear Operators.” Engineer Agustin Lozano Láez, the Manager of Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plants

QPR Metrics supported Laguna Verde in their

  • Detection of possible deviations
  • Corrections in strategic analysis reviews
  • Achieving strategic objectives
  • Process improvement 
  • Aligning key processes with the strategy


Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant Success Story

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