Keep it “SIMPEL” – merger and strategy management based on Balanced Scorecard and QPR Metrics

The Indonesian Financial Services Authority has been using its QPR Metrics powered SIMPEL named strategy management system almost its entire existence. With SIMPEL the Authority justifies its existence and performance to all stakeholders and looks for new opportunities to guarantee an even better performance in the future.

"Out of the 200 KPIs, 50 were on red. With QPR Metrics our strategy office could explain the reasons by using the analysis view and dashboards, not to mention that the system was already then integrated into the budgeting system - and could easily be linked to more systems in the future”, explains Dwi Kurniawan, the Director of Information System Strategy and Development.

Benefits of the implementation of QPR Metrics

  • Good justified measurement using Balanced Scorecard methodology
  • Communication capability to all financial industries
  • Easy to adapt with people coming with culture of different systems


Indonesian Financial Services Authority Success Story

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