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EY UK Achieving Step Change in Risk Analytics Capability with QPR ProcessAnalyzer

Stewart Wallace shares with us how Process Mining and QPR ProcessAnalyzer have helped EY UK solve challenges in the risk analytics industry for clients in different sectors. Stewart especially talks about how EY UK evolved from using process analytics to process mining for better efficiency and quality in auditing and risk quantifying.

"Rather than being restricted to some key metrics: so did an invoice happen and before a purchase order was raised? That's a relatively easy metric to simply go and do, but to then start understanding:

  • How many times did our purchase order have to go for approval?
  • How many times that have to get changed?
  • How long did that take?
  • How many times had to go around the cycle?
  • What is the effectiveness of that process?

That's a much more difficult question to answer with standard analytics, and this is where process mining and the capability of QPR ProcessAnalyzer is really giving us that step change in capability."



  • What is the sequence of all the events in a process?
  • How to understand all of the different reworks that might be happening?
  • How to understand the efficiency of a process?
  • How to get the full picture of an end-to-end process from a large amount of data and events without oversimplification?



  • Transform from process analytics to process mining with QPR ProcessAnalyzer
  • Discover the as-is process and gain an understanding of the event flow through the lifecycle of a transaction
  • Combine process discovery with conformance analysis for benchmarking and process improvement


Business benefits

  • Improved efficiency and quality of auditing and risk quantifying
  • Gained visibility into as-is transaction flow, event sequence, and efficiency.
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