Strategy-Focused Organization with the help of QPR Metrics

To optimize its’ oil exploration processes, work and environmental safety and, last but not least, to maintain good relations to host nations, CNOOC SES Ltd. needed a tool enabling it to communicate strategic intents to all stakeholders. Among many business benefits is a cost saving of USD 12.6 million due to reduced production losses.

The strategic objectives and the corresponding KPIs were grouped around two strategic themes, namely Asset Utilization and Operational Excellence. The objectives that relate to quality, safety, health and environment issues were embedded into both themes, emphasizing that in either theme, they must attain zero-accident standard

Achieved business benefits

  • Reduce cycle time of processes,
  • Minimized bureaucracy
  • Eliminated activities with no added value
  • Contribution to the achievement of company and department objectives
  • Improved service quality


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