Data-driven process performance measuring at the core

With harmonized core processes, Caverion looked to measure process performance based on ready defined indicators to ensure proactive actions to any discrepancies. And this based on data – get facts continuously from SAP to support corrective actions. This is where QPR ProcessAnalyzer came into picture, the tool that was able to respond to Caverion’s need.


  • Cash flow slowed down after rolling out a harmonized ad hoc service process and SAP to three countries.
  • How to identify process bottlenecks?


  • As-is process visualization and root cause analysis using QPR's connector for SAP and QPR ProcessAnalyzer.

​Business benefits

  • Quicker invoicing and improved cash flow from discovering and removing process bottlenecks.
  • Ability to continuously measure process performance and monitor the results of corrective actions.
  • Ability to continuously compare and value process performance and variations per country.

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