QPR Metrics assists AfriSam to improve and enable visualization of risk management and business performance

AfriSam had identified multiple reasons to start the integrated Risk and Performance Management project. For example, no integrated risk management and performance management frameworks were in place.

Neither was there a function nor a technology solution to help integrate this information into a single view to assist management to make decisions. Inefficiencies were identified with regards to the risk management and strategy execution processes. For example there was a lack of in-house capabilities to improve and enable the visualization of risk management and business performance.

"With the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of QPR software this concern was quickly laid to rest. The QPR solution provides AfriSam with real-time visibility into business performance as well as our risk portfolio with the use of attractive dashboards that empowers our decision makers and ensures we focus on the right things to improve.” Hannes Greeff, Strategy and Risk Consultant at AfriSam

Business component potential enabled by QPR

  • Integrated risk and performance management platform
  • Risk and performance management best practices (including fixed process steps and methodologies - e.g. COSO - in the future)
  • Customized workflow processes


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