African Rainbow Minerals Focuses on Corporate Governance, Compliance and Reporting using QPR

The introduction of QPR software into ARM has streamlined the entire risk management process within the organization. It placed ARM in a position of strength with International Insurance Underwriter markets. The detail and quality of risk reporting and monitoring using QPR provided ARM the edge ahead of its competitors for some time to now.

"Since we started using QPR as a Risk Management tool, the time it took to prepare our risk reports for both the Risk Managers at the Mine and the respective Underwriting companies, has reduced dramatically. The quality of Risk Reporting inside the organization has also improved.” Schalk Lubbe, Managing Director CRA

Reasons for choosing QPR

  • Facilitate appropriate risk/reward decisions at all levels of management
  • Identification and evaluation of significant risks at each level of the enterprise
  • Document and manage the response to that risk
  • Communicate the risks and management’s response based on predefined escalation levels
  • Demonstration ability of the process effectiveness


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