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QPR ProcessAnalyzer in Action - Live Demo webinar

Wednesday 15th April 2020, 3:00-3:30pm EET

In this webinar you will:

  • See how QPR ProcessAnalyzer - our process mining software - works in practice
  • Get a good understanding of process mining benefits for your organization
  • Have a chance to address any product related questions


  1. QPR ProcessAnalyzer product presentation (5 min)
  2. Live QPR ProcessAnalyzer demo (25 minutes)
    • Process discovery

    • Root cause analysis

    • Dashboards: Process KPI reporting, Benchmarking, Trend analysis

    • Conformance Analysis

    • AI based Clustering and Case-Level Prediction 

  3. Q&A (up to 15 minutes)

More info: QPR ProcessAnalyzer