Top Digital Transformation Trends - How to Enable Successful Digital Transformation


On-demand webinar


Webinar duration:
30 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A

Speakers: Olli Komulainen, Director in Marketing & Business Development

About the webinar

2020 turned most organizations’ digital transformation initiatives from 5- to 10- year plans into a huge challenge to be solved overnight. This abrupt change has brought about severe headaches to management: exciting yet complex robotic process automation (RPA) projects, complications from intricate internal processes, and the lack of shared, data-based insights within the company.

Fortunately, process mining helps you minimize these issues and enable a successful digital transformation of your organization. We have gathered the most common pitfalls, best practices, and the top trends for digital transformation in 2021 to discuss with you in this webinar.

In this webinar, you'll learn about:

  •  The most common issues in RPA and how you can use process mining to tackle them
  • The right approach to gain full control of your processes and optimize them with Business Process Management (BPMN)
  • The help of AI, ML in your daily decision-making process to drive your digital transformation imperative to success


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