Best Practices for Deploying Process Mining in Large Organizations


On-demand webinar

Webinar duration:
30 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A

D.Sc Teemu Lehto, Vice President in Process Mining


  1. Introduction
  2. Process Mining Best practices (15 min)
  3. Customer Cases (10min) 
  4. Q&A (up to 15 minutes) - your chance to ask us anything!

About the webinar

These best practices are from our 30 years of experience in business process management, and more than 400 process mining projects with customers from all over the world.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn five important best practices for deploying process mining in large organizations
  • Understand how business value can be created in real-life customer cases
    • Increasing order lines volume by 60%
    • Cutting loan application process from 35 minutes to 5 minutes
    • Building a complete enterprise wide x ray of processes
  • See examples process mining analyses from QPR ProcessAnalyzer product


Watch this webinar: